12 Synonyms for Confirm: Affirm, Repeat, Promise, Ratify, Verify…



means to establish or double check that something is correct. The thing that is being confirmed can be positive or negative. Something can be confirmed in many different ways. A conformation can be verbal, written, or discovered through activities or interactions.

  • I would like to confirm that you are coming to my party this weekend.
  • The way that he treated the little boy confirmed that he was a good man.

Confirm is a word that has many synonyms, here are some of the most important.

1. Affirm

means that something is said or stated as a fact. When something is affirmed it is said loudly and publically.

  • He eagerly affirmed his support for his sister.
  • She affirmed the company’s commitment to supporting the students.

2. Reaffirm

means to say something again or to state or confirm something another time. When something is reaffirmed, it is at least the second time a position, statement, or commitment is being made.

  • The politician reaffirmed his commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises.
  • Are you willing to reaffirm your support?

3. Assert

means to state or say an opinions in a very strong way. When something is asserted it is done in a forceful, loud way.

  • I plan on asserting my opinion very clearly during the meeting this afternoon.
  • I wish you would assert your opinion more often, I never know what you are thinking.

4. Assure

means to tell someone a positive thing or to tell them something in a positive way. This is done to make them feel better or feel confident about a situation. As a synonym to confirm one would be assuring that something that was previously said is still true. 

  • I want to assure you that nothing has changed.
  • I’m happy that we talked. I feel assured that the original promises will be kept.

5. Repeat

simply refers to someone saying or doing something again. When something is being confirmed, the stance or belief is being repeated.

  • Thank you for repeating the test on the subjects. It’s nice to know we were right the first time.
  • I need you to repeat how you feel about the program once the conversation gets started.

6. Promise

refers to declaring or assuring that someone will do something.

  • I promise I won’t let you down.
  • She promised to get the materials earlier today.


can also mean to reinforce something. This is usually used to agree with someone about something.

  • The witness confirmed the officer’s story.
  • It would be helpful if a second person confirmed the research that I found.

7. Corroborate

refers to giving support to someone or something. It can be support to a person, statement, theory, or finding.

  • We have to perform a second test to corroborate the findings of the first test.
  • The teacher asked the other students involved in the incident to see if they would corroborate the first student’s story.

8. Verify

means to make sure that something is true, accurate or correct.

  • Security has to verify your identity before they can let you in.
  • I’m just calling to verify that this is the kind of orange juice that you wanted me to buy.

9. Validate

means to prove the validity or truthfulness of something. When something is validated it means that something is already believed to be true or a certain way. Validating is double checking.

  • This password will validate your identity so that you can gain entry.
  • Can you please validate the conclusions of the interns.

10. Authenticate

means to prove that something is real. This word is often used to confirm that something with high monetary value is real, like art.

  • Before the painting can be sold, an expert will need to authenticate it.
  • Once we get everything back to the lab we can authenticate the age of the artifact.

11. Substantiate

refers to evidence that supports or proves something is true.

  • After you have filed a police report we need to substantiate your claim.
  • The allegations against the students were never substantiated.


can also mean to verify something by officially giving a position to a person or a document can also make something official.

  • By signing here you are confirming that you agree to the terms of the contract.
  • Sign here to confirm our new job offer.

Here’s a  synonym that can be used for this definition of confirm.

12. Ratify

refers to signing or giving formal consent. Agreements, contracts, treaties are made official by being ratified.

  • Once we ratify this contract we will be in agreement to sell our house.
  • All nations involved will need to ratify the treaty, in order for it to be effective.

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