Synonyms for Coolest & Coolest Definition


synonyms for coolest

Coolest Definition

Coolest is an adjective used to describe someone who has an appealing attitude or someone you admire. Being the coolest means you are recognized in a group as being above the rest.

Coolest is not a synonym for coldest.

Cool or coolest have a positive meaning when describing people, while cold and coldest have a negative meaning.

A cool person is nice and charming, whereas a cold person is dark and callous.

Coolest is very commonly used among younger children and young adults. It is a part of teen slang, and is rarely used by adults.

Coolest Synonyms

Coolest can mean both cold, and a person that people admire. Something coolest is simply very cold.

People who are the coolest are the most valued in a certain group. There are many synonyms for both cases.

Coolest as nice and charming PERSON synonyms:

  • above the rest, positive person, most valued, super nice, super cool, amazing, rich, brother, best, sister, princess

Coolest as COLD synonyms:

  • frigid, chilly, frosty, fresh, refreshing, arctic, biting, cold, dank

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