10 Synonyms for Faith: Creed, Religion, Confidence, Trust, Religion…



means to have complete confidence and trust in someone or something. One can have faith in a person, in an object, or in a spirit or God.

  • Those who believe in God have faith in him, even though they have not and cannot see him.
  • I have faith that the fence around the enclosure will be able to keep the lions safe from the public, and the public safe from the lions.
  • I will always have faith that my mom will be there for me no matter what.

Here are some synonyms for this definition of faith.

1. Trust

is the firm belief in the reliability, truthfulness, and certainty in someone or something. Trust can be in a person, religious figure, or an object. 

  • He knew that the most important thing in any relationship is trust.
  • You are putting a lot of trust in that table that you are sitting on.

2. Confidence

is to believe that one can trust and rely on someone or something.

  • It was clear that the boys on the team had a lot of confidence in their coach and their teammates.
  • How much confidence do you have that we can get the project done on time?

3. Conviction

can be a firmly help belief or opinion.  When someone has conviction they are not afraid to say what they believe in and they are fully committed to that belief.

  • I like being a part of a company that has a lot of conviction in their mission.
  • They don’t seem to have very much conviction in what they are saying.

4. Optimism

refers to having hope and confidence about the future or that something positive will happen. Optimism is the ultimate positive belief.

  • I am incredibly optimistic about the future of our community.
  • While having optimism is great, having too much of it may cause you to believe in things that are unlikely to happen.


has a second definition. It can also refer to a strong belief in God or religious doctrine. This belief is based on spiritual understanding and not proof. Faith can be used to describe a strong belief in any religion or spiritual belief. 

  • She had faith that God was guiding her life.
  • Just because he doesn’t strictly follow the religious text doesn’t mean he lacks faith.

Here are some synonyms for this definition of faith.

5. Religion

refers to the belief and worship of a superhuman controlling force. Religion often refers to the organized worship of a God or multiple Gods.

  • There are many different religions that are practiced around the world.
  • Joining a religion allowed him to be apart of a group, and feel that there was something bigger and more important than himself.

6. Sect

refers to a group or organization that has a set of religious beliefs that are somewhat different than those of the larger religious group that they belong to. Some of the beliefs of a sect are usually at odds with what the larger group believes. These differences may be a belief in different texts or rituals.

  • The man discovered an ancient sect that had been isolated for hundreds of years.
  • Every faith has different sects in it, ous is no exception.

7. Denomination

has many definitions, as a synonym to faith it is a group or branch of any religion. It is often used to describe different groups within the Christian faith.

  • Which denomination is this church?
  • How different is one denomination from another?

8. Ideology

refers to a system of ideas and ideals that usually forms the foundation of an economic or political policy. Political parties have a certain ideology or system of ideas on how then think things should be done.

  • The group is splitting apart because there are too many different ideologies.
  • He has belonged to several groups with different ideologies, he doesn’t seem to really believe in anything.

9. Creed

refers to a system of religious beliefs or faith. This can be used to refer to any religion, and is often associated with the Christian religion. It can also refer to a set of beliefs whose goal is to guide how someone lives their life.

  • Everyone is welcome at the event, no matter their creed.
  • It is a group of mixed cultures and creeds.
  • We often disagree because we believe in different political creeds.
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