20 Synonyms for Fun


If you want to talk about something you really enjoy, would you use “fun”? While saying that your friend’s birthday party was fun is descriptive enough, it does not explain the extent of the fun or what exactly you feel about it.

There are far better words to use to talk about something that you would not mind doing again, depending on the more complex feelings you might have for it!

synonyms for fun

Fun as an adjective

Most of the time, you would be using fun as an adjective. (This party is so much fun!) While this is a more informal way of communication, it is also the most colloquial and common. Some words that you can use to express your ideas in a more specific way are:


If something is enjoyable, that means that you have a good time with it. This can either be a place, thing, or even a person. If a friend is enjoyable, for example, it means that they allow you to enjoy yourself when you are with them. They make you feel good and happy, and you like being with them.

  • This was one of the most enjoyable dates I have ever been on.
  • I thought this theme park would be enjoyable, but it turned out to be a complete waste of time and money.


To be amused means to feel happy or interested in something. Usually, that thing is a bit surprising, but it allows you to laugh to yourself and go along with it. For example, a child who sprays whipped cream onto their face might be amusing if you think it is funny. However, if they spray the whipped cream onto your face, that would only be amusing to other people.

  • When Parker messes up his presentations, he always finds a way to be amusing still.
  • The way that penguins waddle on the ice when they walk is very amusing!


Something that is pleasurable gives you pleasure when you do it. This is subjective, meaning that you can think of something in that way but others may disagree with you.

  • A sign of clinical depression is that you no longer have the motivation to do things that you previously thought were pleasurable.
  • If you go into an experience with an open mind, you just might find that it turns out to be much more pleasurable than you expected.


Something that is pleasing makes you happy. You are likely to smile lightly to yourself (but probably will not shout for joy).

  • The shade of blue painted on the walls is definitely a pleasing color.
  • The violin student gave a performance pleasing to the ears of all of her audience.


In general, something interesting is something that sparks your interest. The thing to note is that it does not always mean this when used in conversation. Native speakers can sometimes use interesting to substitute for when they do not know how to react to something. If they hear an idea that they have never thought of before, their response may be “interesting”, but the topic may actually be boring to them after a while.

  • When I first heard the motivational speaker, I thought his message was interesting but not applicable for most of the audience.
  • There are several branches of psychology that I find interesting but I would never want to pursue them for my career.


Something entertaining provides amusement and /or enjoyment.

  • The movie will not resonate with many people, but there are a few fans that find it incredibly entertaining.


A person, show, or event that is humorous is funny. It will cause you to laugh for one reason or another.

  • Sarah is a humorous person in general, but advising her to become a comedian is not really a good suggestion for her.
  • I prefer humorous to serious movies.


Something that is comical is related to comics. This can mean that there is a classical relationship – since comics are supposed to be quite funny – or that it looks like a comic.

  • The teacher’s comical teaching style immediately made her a favorite amongst the children.
  • The movie tried to address difficult topics in a comical way, but I think they should have just stuck with a more serious tone.


If someone or something is facetious, it means that they are inappropriately funny. When there is a serious issue at hand, someone who is uncomfortable with dealing with problems might use humor. In this case, people who are actually trying to solve the problem may get mad. The reason is that the humor is inappropriate, especially when someone is trying to address an actual issue.

  • Even though the good times were great, Ben’s facetious reactions to any conversation having to deal with money was a contributor to the demise of our relationship.
  • Teachers hate having to deal with facetious students.


Something or someone that is delightful is something that delights you. In other words, it surprises you in a good way and leaves you smiling and happy.

  • I had an absolutely delightful time with you at afternoon tea today!
  • I was unsure about having to babysit my nephew but his smile was simply delightful.

Fun as a noun

For the other usage, fun can be used as a noun. (If teachers can help you have more fun in school, you are more likely to pay attention in class.)


Pleasure is something that makes you happy, or pleases you.

  • It was a pleasure to work with my friend’s company, which was good because I was worried about mixing business and friendships.
  • If you are too concerned about your pleasure today to think about tomorrow, you will start to have big problems.


Entertainment is usually referring to something that makes you happy. If it entertains you, it means that something allows you to really enjoy it. Typically, entertainment refers to things like games and movies or TV. Sometimes, it also includes shows or different other ways to pass the time.

  • The entertainment that the best man lined up for the bachelor party was a huge success.
  • Movies are a big part of the entertainment industry.


When you enjoy something, that thing becomes your enjoyment.

  • Harry does not want to interrupt the enjoyment of your spa treatment, but he is holding a phone call for you at the front desk.
  • There are many different enjoyment trends throughout the decades.


Amusement is the feeling that you have when something is interesting and makes you chuckle to yourself, but does not make you laugh until you fall out of your chair. Instead, it is a feel of pleasant surprise.

  • The amusement that the scene was causing could be seen in all the spectators’ eyes.
  • Rachel could not hide her amusement behind her glass of soda.


When you feel excitement, you are looking forward to something. You are anticipating its arrival very energetically and want it to happen sooner rather than later.

  • The excitement of the crowd as they waited for the movie premiere was palpable.
  • No one could match the excitement of a young child on Christmas Day, bounding towards the Christmas tree in search of his or her present!


Gratification is the relief and satisfaction that someone feels when something goes well. It is especially the case when you have been wanting something for a while.

  • The age of social media has made it very easy to gain instant gratification, making it hard for people to think for the long term.
  • Even if it has the same result, you will experience far more gratification if you work hard and wait for something than if someone just gives it to you right away.


Merriment is actually a more formal way to say cheerfulness, or a positive attitude. If you go through life with merriment, you are carefree and are able to enjoy yourself.

  • The point of the toy is to bring the children merriment, not to make them stressed out about learning to fix it.
  • The best movies are ones that show the actors in a clear moment of merriment.


When you have leisure, it means that you are enjoying time off. Usually this is the contrast to work, but it can also describe a pace that is slower so as to contrast with high stress situations.

  • People in the olden days thought that, as we introduce machines to do certain types of work, people would have more leisure time and spend more time with family.
  • It is more important to Dan to have leisure than to make more money.


While refreshments can refer to snacks that you have after an exercise or at an event, experiencing refreshment means to feel like you are being reenergized and can start working hard again.

  • Sitting in a hot tub can provide a huge sense of refreshment after a long day.
  • Sometimes you just need a moment of refreshment to continue your day.


Cheerfulness is the happy feeling or attitude that someone brings to something. If you feel cheerful, it means that you have a reason to be happy.

  • Amanda’s cheerfulness made everyone around her much happier.
  • In order to increase their employee cheerfulness, the company started to allow people to take 2 hour lunch breaks so they could work out or take a nap in the middle of the day.
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