Grace Definition. 10 Synonyms for Grace: Courtesy, Finesse, Favor, Poise, Elegance…


Grace Definition

Grace Definition

can mean that something or someone is simple, elegant, and refined. Graceful, the adjective form of grace is often used. This can be used to describe a person or an object.

  • The ballerina’s movements were strong, yet graceful.
  • The impala leaps with so much grace, it’s beautiful to watch.

This is a word that is used to describe many objects and people. If you’re looking for another word to use as an alternative to grace, here are some options.

Synonyms for Grace

1. Elegance

refers to something being graceful and pleasing to watch. Elegance can refer to someone’s appearance, style, manners, or movement. This can be used for a person or an object.

  • The elegance of the design was one of the main reasons I bought this phone. It just  looks beautiful.
  • The bride looked elegant in her dress.

2. Poise

speaks to the grace and elegance of a person, not an object. A person who is poised is usually someone who can remain graceful under pressure. It’s one thing to be elegant when everything is going well, but someone who is poised is elegant when things are difficult or they are being challenged.

  • Despite having the pressure of being the last on her team to complete, the gymnast was poised under pressure and helped her team win gold.
  • It took a lot of poise to stand there quietly while people were yelling at her.

3. Finesse

refers to something being done with refined delicacy, that comes from experience. Finesse is grace and elegance that comes from skill. It goes beyond how something looks and refers to the way something moves or is done.

  • The decorations on the cake, were done with  finesse that showed off the pastry chef’s skill.
  • Ice dancing takes a lot of finesse.


can also refer to the way that someone treats others. Someone who treats people with grace is courteous, kind, and shows goodwill even when someone else does not.

  • At least have the grace to be honest with me about what happened.
  • I really admire your grace, you treat everyone with respect.

Here are some synonyms for this definition of grace.

4. Courtesy

means that someone is polite and behaves well towards other people.

  • You’re so courteous you always hold the door open for people who walk out after you.
  • As a courtesy to the other guest, please do not play loud music at night.

5. Decency

refers to behavior that follows the standards that have been set by a society. This includes moral standards.

  • You should have the decency to tell an employer that you’re going to quit, instead of just not showing up.
  • I couldn’t believe what he said to her. He lacks basic decency.

6. Politeness

refers to someone who is nice, considerate, and kind to to others.

  • You raised a very polite young man, he always shows respect to his fellow students.
  • I do my best to show politeness towards everyone.


can also refer to being favored by someone or a group of people. When this happens people think highly of a person, and tend to assume they are good and give them the benefit of the doubt. When grace is used in this way, it’s often talked about because someone has lost this special privilege.

  • When it was finally proven that he had used performance enhancing drugs, his fall from grace was complete.
  • Her good deeds gave rise to a feeling of grace from her neighbors.

There are many other words that can be used as a substitute for this definition of grace, here are two.

7. Favor

refers to support and approval given to something or someone. This is simply done because this person or thing is liked.

  • It was clear that the mother favored her middle child more than the others.
  • Which color do you favor, pink or blue?

8. Approval

refers to finding something acceptable or satisfactory.

  • I need your approval before we can start doing the work.
  • He was always seeking his mother’s approval.

Grace can also refer to a period of time after the due date of a payment. During this time the payment  can still be made while being in compliance with the agreement.

This is called a grace period. For example, if your payment is due on the 1st, but you are allowed to pay the bill up until the 10th, then there is a 10 day grace period. Whether you pay the bill on the 1st or the 10th, it counts as being on time.

  • There is a five day grace period for my rent.
  • Is there a grace period for my cable bill payment?

Here are some synonyms for this form of grace.

9. Deferment

is when something is put off until another time. This is frequently used when talking about loans that have a deferment option. 

  • How long is the deferment of the decision going to be?
  • When does my deferment period begin?

10. Postponement

refers to something being put off or delayed.

  • Out flight has been postponed.
  • Sorry guys, the meeting has been postponed.

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