15 Synonyms for Similar: Congruent, Homogeneous, Close, Equivalent, Akin…



refers to resembling something, but not being identical.

  • We have many similar interest.
  • The food she cooks is always similar, sometimes I want something different.

Similar is a very common English word and there are many synonyms for it. Here are some of the most common.

1. Alike

means that two or more things are similar to each other. This word can almost always be used to directly replace similar.

  • My sister and I are nothing alike.
  • We need to make sure that the two shirts are alike.

2. Indistinguishable

means that one cannot tell two or more things apart. In other words when something is indistinguishable one cannot tell the difference between them. It doesn’t mean that they are identical, it just means that someone can’t tell the difference. Indistinguishable is closer to being identical than similar.

  • Even though these are two different colors my husband thinks they are indistinguishable.
  • The benefits of the two options were indistinguishable to me.

3. Homogeneous

refers to two or more things that are the same or alike. Homogeneous is often used to say that two things go together.

  • Not all doctors think in a homogeneous way.
  • Just because the population isn’t homogeneous doesn’t mean that people don’t live in harmony.

4. Comparable

refers to something being likened to something else. It’s a way of saying that one thing is similar to another.

  • I don’t feel like those two things are comparable.
  • We want to find a house that’s comparable to or better than the one we have.

5. Corresponding

means that something is comparable and equivalent. This word is often used to refer to things that go together.

  • The meeting was quick because both sides had corresponding viewpoints and it was easy to reach an agreement.
  • Do you have the corresponding part to the device?

6. Equivalent

refers to having the same amount or value.

  • What happened to you isn’t an equivalent to what happened to me.
  • These two things cost the same thing, but the quality isn’t equivalent.

7. Akin

refers to two or more things being similar in character.

  • The pain that I felt in my knee today was not akin to what I felt before.
  • Do you think riding a bike is akin to spin class?

8. Related

means that two or more things are part of the same group or they are connected. This word is often used to describe family members, but it is even more commonly used to describe anything that is similar or is connected to another thing.

  • My cousins and I are related.
  • Is the research that you did related to what I was doing earlier?

9. Close

refers to being near  something, or being near in proximity  to doing something. Two things can be close in location or similar in nature.

  • These two colors are very close to each other.
  • The two companies ideas were very close, and they had to go to court to decide who would have right to the products.

10. Congruent

means that two or more things are in harmony or agreement with each other.

  • It’s important that all of the departments in the company are working congruently.
  • When we work congruently we are a team.

11. Uniform

means that something doesn’t change in order or character. When something is uniform it remains the same and does not change.

  • The pattern of the rocks is uniform. They are all of a similar shape and size.
  • People aren’t uniform, them are all different and unique.

12. Interchangeable

means that things are similar enough that they can be switched out for each other. For example, some, but not all synonyms can be changed out for each other. Alike and Similar are extremely similar words and they can be changed out for each other. They are interchangeable.

  • Just because we’re twins doesn’t mean we are interchangeable.
  • I don’t care which pillows we go with, they are interchangeable to me.

13. Resembling

means that the qualities and appearance of one thing is similar to that of another. This word is especially used when speaking about things that look similar.

  • It’s obvious that she is your mom, the two of you resemble each other.
  • The two documents resemble each other, but if you look closely you can see the differences between them.

14. Correlative

means that there is a mutual relationship between two or more things.

  • We both have correlative goals, which makes it much easier for us to work together.
  • Parents and teachers have correlative goals when it comes to their children’s education.
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