15 Synonyms for Thought: Idea, Notion, Opinion,…



Has two meanings. The first meaning of thought is an idea or an opinion that happens in someone’s mind.

  • I just had the best thought about what to do for the party.

There are many synonyms for that definition of thought. Here are some of them.

1. Idea

Refers to a thought or a suggestion about a possible solution, plan, or course of action. An idea is often a response or solution to something.

  • We have to come up with an idea to promote our new product.

2. Notion

Refers to a belief that is held about something. It can also be an impulsive desire to do something. In this definition, something is usually done suddenly and it’s a little whimsical.

  • She had a false notion that I didn’t like her.
  • I had the sudden notion to take a road trip for the weekend.

3. Opinion

Refers to a view or judgement formed. Opinions are not the same as facts. Opinions may or may not be true, they don’t even have to make sense. They are just what someone thinks.

  • In my opinion he’s the best player on the team.

4. View

Refers to an attitude or an opinion. It’s the way someone sees or understands something. It also refers to the ability to be able to see something.

In the context of being a synonym for thought, the thing one may be able to see would be in reference to understanding someone else’s opinion.

  • My view on the subject is not going to change.

5. Impression

Is how one feels about an idea, opinion, or view of a noun. It can be the impression of a person or an organization. It’s also a feeling or effect that one person or thing has on another.

  • My impression of him has really changed since I first met him.

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6. Feeling

Is a belief or opinion. It could be one person’s opinion or between more than one person. A feeling, like an opinion is not a fact.

  • My feeling on the situation is that he is not telling the truth.

7. Theory

Refers to a set of structured ideas that are used to explain something. This term is most often used in science, but also has other uses. Theories are not always based on facts, sometimes they are based on opinions or thoughts.

  • Sir Isaac Newton introduced the theory of gravity.
  • I have a theory about why he’s been acting so strange lately.

8. Judgement

Refers to making a decision based on information given. Judgements are not facts, they are opinions.

  • We have to make a judgement call about whether or not to cancel the event because of the rain.
  • I don’t understand how you came to that conclusion, I don’t  trust your judgement.

9. Assessment

Is similar to judgment, in that one is making a decision based on the information that they have. An assessment is an opinion. An assessment is at times used to describe someone’s performance.

  • We need to make an assessment of the situation, so that we can determine how to move forward.
  • My math assessment didn’t go well.

10. Conclusion

Means to take information and make a decision from it. The information that the conclusion is made from could be based on facts or opinions. Conclusion can also mean to end something. In this definition of conclusions usually some sort of decision is made.

  • Your facts are wrong, you have come to the wrong conclusion.
  • We really need to bring this meeting to a conclusion, it’s getting late.

Another definition of thought is the process of thinking.  There are many words that can be substituted for this definition.

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11. Contemplation

Refers to thinking about something for a long time. It can also mean deep reflective thought.

  • I’ve been contemplating about whether or not to move for the past 6 months.

12. Musing

Is time taken to think about or reflect upon something.

  • We’ve been musing about what the future of our company will be.

13. Pondering

Means to to think about something carefully before making a decision.

  • The mom took  some time to ponder about what the consequences of her son sneaking out should be.

14. Consideration

Means careful thought, this thought usually happens over a period of time. It can be used to ask someone to consider an idea as well. It can also mean motives, or why someone does something.

  • I have to take everything into consideration before I make a decision.
  • Please take my application into consideration.
  • I think self preservation was his primary consideration.

15. Reflection

Means to take some time to seriously think about something.

  • After careful reflection I have decided not to move forward with the project.

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