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take heart meaningThe idiomatic phrase take heart can be as confusing as many phrasal verbs, as you couldn’t possibly guess the meaning by knowing the meaning of the two words separately.

If you take heart in or from something, you are encouraged by it, it makes you feel positive about something.

Example sentences:

  • Investors took heart from stock performances.
  • Manchester United fans will take heart from the way the team played this season.
  • People who feel unsure about taking up a new sport should take heart in the fact that research shows that doing

Take heart synonyms:

1. Be encouraged
To do something new.

  • Although some studies say otherwise, people should be encouraged by the newest survey done by the University, which proved conclusively that…

2. Take comfort
That something will work out / that it’s okay that something didn’t work out.

  • Even though they never saw each other again, Paul took comfort in the idea that Lisa was where she wanted to be.

3. Cheer up
To improve someone’s mood.

  • She cheered up as soon as the rain stopped and the sun came out.

4. Perk up
To take interest / improve someone’s mood.

  • The dog perked up at the sound of the front door opening.

5. Brighten
To become happier or more cheerful.

  • She brightened as she heard her favourite song come on the radio.

6. Be heartened
To feel happier or more positive about a situation.

  • She was heartened by the look the little girl gave her. It meant she was okay, and at least she was safe now.

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Take heart vs Take (something) to heart

take heartAlthough the words in the idiomatic expression ‘to take heart from (something)’ are the same as those in ‘to take (something) to heart’, be careful! These two expressions have completely different meanings and should definitely not be mistaken for one another!

To take (something) to heart means to take something seriously, to really listen to advice, or to really be affected by something someone else says or does.

Take (something) to heart meanings

1. To take something seriously

  • He listened carefully and took all her notes to heart.

2. To live according to (advice)

  • She really took it to heart when her brother said her drinking was harming her.

3. To be deeply affected by something

  • I know you take all criticism to heart, but I think you should let it go.

Take (something) to heart Synonyms

1. Listen: to pay attention to a sound.

2. Obey: follow instructions, orders, commands, requests or wishes.

3. Give thought to: to consider, think about or reflect upon something – usually because it affected us deeply

4. Accept (criticism): if you accept criticism, you are open to the ideas that someone else is sharing with you, about you or your work, even if they are negative. You take their opinion seriously and respect it.

5. Heed (advice): to act on / follow advice.

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