Us or U.S.?


Us or U.S

It may seem like a simple question, however, many new English learners will not understand the difference.

Let’s make it simple.


Us is a pronoun. It carries the same meaning of the word, we.

  • The teacher told us to be quiet.
  • Which one of us will be chosen?
  • We told them to leave us alone.


U.S. is an abbreviation. The use of full stops tells us that these letters are the beginning of two words. In this case, U.S. is an abbreviation of the name of a country, the United States.

  • Over one-third of U.S. adults are obese.
  • Some of the U.S. citizens are immigrating to other countries because of the cheaper cost of living.

Remember that whenever you see capital letters with full stops or periods between the letters, this is an indication that they are an abbreviation which stands for something else.

For example, U.S.A. is an also an abbreviation for the United States of America.

Can you think of any other abbreviations which could be confused with a word?

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