Use These 5 Websites to Learn Business English


5 Websites to Learn Business EnglishOne fifth of humankind speaks, is speaking or trying to study English at this very moment. Most of them struggle to acquire the general terms and expressions but some have to widen their vocabulary and knowledge as they have to learn business English.

Fortunately the coursebooks developed in this field are very up-to-date and contain a lot of useful terms, words and tasks but at the same time it is worth to have a look at what the internet can provide us if we are keen on to learn more. Websites to learn business English.

1. Business English Site

This website is great for you if you like learning on your own. It provides you exercises connected to vocabulary (IT, medical expressions, sales and marketing etc.) The layout of the page is very clear and it is easy to use. You can choose immediately the type of task you would like to practice no matter it is a reading or listening comprehension or a grammar quiz.

2. BBC Learning English

If you haven’t fallen in love with BBC shows and serials-which are also great ways of improving your English, it is high time you had a look at this website. Though it is not only a business English page, the content is excellent. Besides business English materials there are short lessons that introduce London, six-minute-long lessons that usually reflect on daily news. You can do quizzes, learn slang or listen to pronunciation tips. It is simply great.

3. Breaking News English

Though this site is not strictly connected only to business, as it deals with interesting news of the world, I think the exercises and tasks are very useful. There are online exercises connected to vocabulary and sentence formation, there are reading and listening comprehension tasks, and all you have to do is to search for an article that is related to  economy, business English or world news.

4. Business English Pod

For those who love their gadgets this site seems brilliant. Though you have to pay a membership fee in order to use their services you can take a free trial before you actually decide whether to join or not. The podcast list is very long: negotiations, meetings, presentations, management, communication and so on. You can also utilize your eBooks with a weekly lesson that also contain an mp3 file or watch Online Vocab Video Tv.

5. Kaplan Business English Courses

And finally if you are looking for great courses in an English speaking country take a look around here! Kaplan provides Business English courses for intermediate and advanced students in countries like USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Can you add any websites or applications to this list? Do you find it more difficult to study business English than general English?

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Mike Davies
6 years ago

Really useful list there. Breaking News English is a regular resource for my advanced students.

Elizabeth Milburn
Elizabeth Milburn
4 years ago

Thank you very much for the shared sites.

Business English

is my favourite and I’m just going t include and – it’s very useful as well.

Tina Crouch
2 years ago

I LOVE using Breaking News English with my students!

After I was interviewed on All Ears English (for my biz English book), I recommend the All Ears English podcast to all my students, too. I discovered it when they reached out to me. 🙂