Uses of the word “Courtesy”


I don’t understand the use of the word courtesy .I know its other meanings like showing politeness or things that are provided free of charge by an organisation ..I want to ask that whether this word is used when we are crediting someone for something good that they have done for e.g I was watching a beauty pageant on the idiot box where as each model moved across the ramp , on the screen, name of the person who designed the dresses was appearing . like this (courtesy -the name of that person) …can you please clear my doubt.

definitions of courtesy

In this case, courtesy is being used to give credit, but it has many other uses too!

[Tweet “Courtesy can be used for 3 main purposes: 1) To define polite behaviour or decorum 2) To show a respectful act. 3) To give credit.”]

Courtesy can be used for 3 main purposes:

  1.  To define polite behaviour or decorum
  2.  To show a respectful act.
  3.  To give credit.


In your example “courtesy of” basically means that the show are giving credit to the designer. The chances are that the designer provided these dresses for free to the show solely to get some coverage and publicity.

Hope that helps!

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