What are names of female animals?


Below is a list of female animal names:

  • Bear – sow
  • Pig – sow
  • Cattle – cow
  • Deer – doe
  • Fox – she-fox / vixen
  • Rabbit – doe
  • Duck – duck
  • Horse – mare
  • Lion – lioness
  • Tiger – tigress
  • Sheep – ewe
  • Swan – pen
  • Dog  – bitch
  • Cat – queen / tommy
  • Kangaroo – doe
  • Whale – cow
  • Wolf – bitch
  • Goose – goose

Many female birds, such as a chicken or a robin are called “hens” and many male birds are called “cocks”.

As you may have noticed, “doe” is used a lot for different animals. “Doe” can be used for female kangaroos, rabbits, deer. The equivalent to “doe” in male terms is “buck”.

The equivalent to a “bitch” in male terms is a “dog”, a male wolf or a male dog can be called a dog but a female wolf or dog is called a “bitch”.


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