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Social media is one of the most popular ways to get in touch with people and brands nowadays! If you tweet something to a brand on Twitter, for example, you may get a public reply right on their profile page.

However, you may also get a reply that say Please DM us your details. If you get a response like this, what it is that they are asking you to do?

DM = direct message

This can be used as a verb (as in, please DM me!) or a noun (as in, please send me a DM).

When the brand or customer support person asks you to DM them, it means they want you to send a private message to them. This is possible on most social media accounts, especially for Twitter and Facebook because people are likely to see your complaints if they are public.

What is DM?

This phrase can be used by anyone, including your friends. This is possible if they want to keep someone private instead of broadcasting it for anyone to access. For example, some people might look for a caretaker for their dog when they go back home and visit their parents. They will post on social media something like

I’m looking for a dog sitter for my puppy this weekend! I am willing to pay. If you are interested, DM me.

This is an open call for help, and what follows is probably going to include sensitive details (like the times they need you and where they live). The conversation is much more appropriate for a private platform, so they will ask you to send them a direct message.

However, many times it is brands that use it because your friends will often message you directly. The brand will wait for you to get in contact with them if you have a problem, the way that customer support usually only helps you if you reach out to them first.


I’m sorry to hear that you are still having a problem! Please DM us the email address you have on file and the case number so we can solve this for you ASAP.

My brother is looking to sell his camera! DM me for details.

Please send us feedback via DM.

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