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finesse definition

Finesse Definition

Finesse has three definitions. What does Finesse mean?

1. It can mean that a person is extremely skilled at performing a difficult task. They show this skill through being delicate, subtle, or by making intricate moves or decisions. This skillfulness can extend to performances, negotiations, actions, skills, or tastes amongst other things. 

This definition of finesse speaks to how someone handles or navigates through something. When someone does a task or performs a skill with finesse, they do it with grace and skill. This can be a physical or verbal task.

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For example, a basketball player can have as much finesse as a diplomat, even though what they do is very different.

Finesse Used in a Sentence

  • The footballer passed the ball with great finesse.
  • The woman navigated her way through the company’s negotiations with poise and finesse.

In this same sense, it can also refer to handmade crafts. While this can be used to refer to larger buildings or structures, it is often used to refer to handmade crafts, especially wooden crafts, such as toys, trinkets, or furniture. It is also used for anything that is handmade by a skilled laborer, this can include carpenters, glass makers, and jewelers.

  • The wooden toy horse was made with incredible finesse.

2. Finesse can also refer to skillful handling of a situation, where one is able to maneuver around something that is difficult. It can be a maneuver around a physical object, or it can be a verbal or intellectual maneuver. In this definition of finesse, one may avoid a difficult situation, or avoid falling into a trap.

  • The interviewer thought he was throwing her a curveball, but she avoided the potential misstep with finesse.
  • The race car driver took the turns on the track with equal parts speed and finesse.

3. While the first two definitions of finesse are the most widely used, there is a lesser-used definition that involves the card game of bridge and whist.

In this card trick one holds on to their highest card (or trump card) in hopes that their opponent will play a lower card and fall for the trick because the only opposing high card has already been played by an opponent.

The player holding the higher card is hoping that the cards in between the card they are holding and the lower card that has already been played will not be played. If they succeed they have won the trick.

  • He is an expert at making a finesse at bridge.
  • Can you teach me how to make a finesse at cards?

Finesse Synonyms

Skill – means that someone has the ability to do something very well. A skill can be performed by a person, animal, or even a computer. It can be a physical or intellectual skill.

  • The dog performed her agility test with great skill.

Expertise – means that someone has mastered or nearly mastered a particular skill. If someone has expertise at something, then they are an authority or one of the best at what they do.

  • The professor had great expertise at restoring Renaissance paintings.

Artistry – refers to someone having great artistic skill. This word is often used to speak about something that is based in an art form, particularly dance. It can also be used to speak about drama and artwork.

  • The ice skater received high marks for her artistry.

Polish – refers to something that is refined or elegant.

  • Their dance routine looked extremely polished.

Finesse Antonyms

Ignorance – refers to a lack of knowledge.  When this word is used it tends to be used to speak of someone being ignorant because they have chosen not to know about something, or chosen not to have tried to know about something.

  • His ignorance in infuriating.

Frank/ Frankness – refers to being open, honest, and direct. When someone is frank, they are bold and just say exactly what they mean, without taking into account strategy or someone’s feelings.

  • To be frank, I really don’t like her.

Ineptness – means that someone is lacking skill, aptitude, and the ability to do a particular task. This basically means someone is not capable of doing a job. Their inability to do the job can be for any reason. It may be because they are lacking intelligence, or it may be that they were never taught the skills.

  • I don’t want a rookie doing that job, I don’t have time for ineptness.

Inability – means that someone or something is not able to do something.

  • There seems to be an inability for the team to do the job on time. 

Finesse in Spanish: Finura

Can Finesse be plural?

Finesse is an uncountable noun, which means it does not have a plural form. Since finesse is a concept, and not a physical thing, it cannot be counted. There is no correct plural form because of that.

Can Finesse be used as a noun?

Finesse is a noun, and while it can be used a different word type, it is most commonly a noun.

Can Finesse be used as a verb?

Finesse as a verb means to be pedantic, precise, or delicate. “To finesse something” means to do it very carefully.


  • I’m going to finesse this test, since I haven’t studied everything I’m going to be super careful.

‘Can’t finesse a finesser’ meaning

A finesser is a person who approaches every task with a level of dedication, precision, and of course finesse. This is a person who is always doing things with finesse.

Because of this it might be hard to have more finesse than a person who has learned it so completely. “Can’t finesse a finesser” means that it will be a challenge, or even impossible, to have more finesse than a finesser.

Finesse or be finessed?

There is a great distinction between finesse as a verb and to be finessed. When you are finessing something you are doing it precisely and applying all your pedantic nature. To be finessed means that someone is doing the same to you.

To finesse means doing the action, to be finessed means that you are the object of the action.

Finesse or Charm?

Finesse can be used on inanimate objects, as well as on people. You can finesse a situation with a person, or use finesse to assemble a watch.

Charm, on the other hand, is used exclusively for people and animals. To charm means to get someone on your side. You can charm people, as well as charm animals like cats, dogs, snakes, etc.

Finesse or Delicacy?

Finesse and delicacy are synonyms. You can use finesse, or be delicate, in any situation that requires it.

Finesse or Get Finessed?

To get finessed is similar to being finessed. It implies that someone is tricking you, or using finesse to make you do what they want. “Being or getting finessed” means you are being manipulated.

Finesse or Skill?

Finesse and skill are not mutually exclusive. Finesse can be part of a skill, and one of your skills can be your strong finesse. They are not, however, interchangeable. While they can be part of one another they are not synonyms.

Finesse vs Fineness?

Finesse describes a certain action. Fineness describes a thing that is extremely fine, or delicate. Finesse is a noun, verb, or adverb. Fineness is exclusively an adjective.

Finesse vs Power Fishing?

These are two different types of fishing. Finesse fishing is used to tackle designated targets, and catch very specific fish. Power fishing is used to cover multiple levels of fish, and catch as many as possible.

The type of fishing approach you use is dependent on the lake depth, and occurrence of fish.

To Finesse Someone Meaning

To finesse someone means to slightly manipulate a person. When you’re finessing someone you are using fine and delicate tactics to ensure the person does what you want them to. It’s very subtle.

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