What does NVM mean?


If you have ever talked to someone and had them dismiss you, you know that is not a great feeling.

However, it is even worse if they dismiss you, but you are not even sure why or whether they mean to dismiss you!

They may say something like “nvm” over a text message. If you receive this, and then do not get a reply for a long while, you could think that something bad has happened.

What does nvm mean and why did your friend use it?

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Nvm stands for never mind

When someone says never mind, they are usually using it to dismiss something that they mentioned before.

They do not want you to keep thinking about what they just told or asked you. Instead, they want you to forget about what they talked about! This is a way for you to change the topic if someone keeps trying to push you into something you do not want to talk about.

You can use never mind, or nvm, when you have nothing more to say on a subject. For example, if you ask someone about something that you are embarrassed about, or if you realize that you are wrong, you can ask them to forget it.

This is a useful term to use in many cases, but not all. Sometimes, telling someone to forget about something is the best way to arouse their suspicious about it.

Instead of agreeing to let the issue go, they could become even more curious. If the issue is something you really do not want people to know about, that could backfire.

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Mary: Hey, do you know where the laptop is? I thought I put it on the table.

Dan: It should still be there. I did not move it.

Mary: Oh, nvm, it was there. It was buried under a bunch of newspapers.

Notes about Usage

Depending on the tone with which you say it, using nvm could come off very rudely. With different tones, it means different things.

If you try to say it nicely, you mean that the person should move on. However, over text, this might not come across correctly.

It could be pretty rude if it seems like you are trying to dismiss something that they are interested in. For this reason, it is best to say nvm only to your friends, who would be okay with it if you accidentally offend them.

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