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OTP is an abbreviation used among fans, usually of a work of fiction such as a TV series or book series, to describe the couple that they want to be together the most. OTP is usually used as a slang term and stands for One True Pairing.

Among different fandoms, the OTPS differ.

They can be a real couple in the story canon, such as Ross and Rachel from the TV show Friends.

They can also refer to a couple that seems to have a lot of chemistry but is not officially together. Sometimes, these unofficial couples are homosexual, so the OTP becomes a sub fandom – a fandom within a fandom. Contrary to the literal meaning of one true pairing, most fans have multiple OTPs.

The verb ship, as in relationship, is used to describe the action of believing a couple is their OTP. Someone who ships is a shipper.

When said aloud, each letter of OTP is said separately: oh-tee-pee.


  • I really love Ron and Hermione together – they are my OTP.
  • I have an OTP for every TV, book, and movie series that I like!
  • My OTPs for Friends are Ross and Rachel and Joey and Rachel.

Related words

As with many slang terms, there are often other slang terms that are derived from the main abbreviation.

BrOTP: pronounced bro-tee-pee

Used to refer to a strong friendship that you really like; the friends are bros but can be female or male


  • In the Harry Potter fandom, Harry and Ron Weasley are my brOTP.
  • In the TV show The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Leonard are my brOTP.

NOTP: pronounced no-tee-pee

  • Refers to a couple or pairing that you really don’t like


  • I hate that new character in the Dexter TV show. She and Dexter are my NOTP.
  • If you are going to reblog pictures of my NOTP on Tumblr, please tag them so I can avoid it!


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