What Does The Name Jesus Mean?



The name Jesus is perhaps one of the most widely known names in the world. For many religious people and religions, this is the name of their leader and god.

The man, Jesus, lived on earth about 2000 years ago and is famous for being the founder of Christianity. Most Christians believe he was God; this is why the name Jesus has become world famous.

The name, Jesus, also has its roots from the ancient land of Israel and is a Hebrew based name pronounced possibly as Yeshua or Yehoshua.

It is found many times in the Holy Bible used by Christians around the world. It is a name known by Muslims also, although their beliefs differ from Christians about who Jesus was.

It means: Jehovah is Salvation.

Interestingly the name Jesus, therefore, is used to glorify another name, Jehovah. This is another famous name found in the Holy Bible.

Interesting Facts about Ancient Hebrew Names

The name Jesus, like the name Michael, is an Ancient Hebrew name. (See our other Post what does the name Michael mean?)

A fascinating fact about Ancient Hebrew for English learners is that this language did not have vowels. It seems that because Ancient Hebrew did not use this system, the people who spoke this language grew up learning the correct pronunciation of words.

In English, we use the five vowels: a, e, i, o, u, to help us correctly pronounce words.

Imagine trying to pronounce the name of Jesus without vowels in English – Jss!

Does this affect us when speaking in English?

Since Ancient Hebrew does not have vowels, this means we don’t know the exact pronunciation of names from this language. Therefore, language experts have helped us guess their pronunciation as best as possible when translated into English.

Personally, I am very thankful to have vowels to help me pronounce words correctly, what about you?

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Rebecca S Wildeman
Rebecca S Wildeman
5 years ago

Daniel 10:5 YSH ( A certain man).