What Does the Name Lily Mean?



Have you ever met someone named Lily, and wondered why their parents named them that? Or, seen a celebrity such as Lily Collins or Lily Allen and fallen in love with the name? The name is not common but brings to mind a pleasant flower.

Lily is the name of a species of flower (also known as lilium), with large droopy petals of all different colors and growing in various temperate climates. Some of the specific varieties of these flowers include the Tiger Lily, Henry’s Lily.

They are commonly mentioned in various cultures and literature, as symbols of characteristics such as purity, beauty, and innocence.

There are also some mentions of the lily flower and people named Lily in the Bible, so in some cases the name has Christian roots. It also has versions in many languages including Greek, Hebrew, and Latin as well as English.

Lily may be a name in itself, or may be a nickname for Elizabeth or Lillian. If it is a nickname, the girl’s or woman’s full name is more likely to be Lillian, which only has the nickname Lily, than it is to be Elizabeth, from which nicknames such as Eliza, Beth, and Liz.

Famous people and characters with the name or nickname Lily

  • Lily Evans Potter: the mother of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter book series
  • Lily Luna Potter: the daughter of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter book series
  • Lily Collins: an American actress and model, well known for her roles in the movies The Blind Side and Mirror, Mirror
  • Lily Allen: The daughter of Keith Allen, and a British singer and song writer, actress, and TV presenter. Her given name is Lily Rose Beatrice Cooper
  • Lily James: the stage name of Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson, an English actress known for her role on the TV show Downton Abbey
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