What Does WCW Mean?



Have you been texting someone and realized that they used an abbreviation that you do not know? Or, have you seen someone post a picture of someone on social media with the description or hashtag WCW, and been confused about what that meant? Look no further for the definition, usage, and examples of WCW.

WCW means: Woman crush Wednesday

This abbreviation, WCW, is something that is usually used on social media. It could be that someone posts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter that this person is their WCW, or that they simply have the #WCW hashtag.

For most days of the week, many people on social media post something that goes with a certain theme.

For example, you have your MCM, or man crush Monday, and you WCW, or woman crush Wednesday. That means for that day of the week, many people will be posting information related to that theme.

On Wednesdays, you post something about a woman in your life.

The person that you are talking about is someone that you like – either that you know in person, or that you know because they are a celebrity or a public figure of some sort.

For example, many boyfriends and significant others will take the chance on Wednesdays to post a picture of their female partners – whether they are their girlfriend, wife, or are in another type of relationship.

This is simply an act of appreciation, and something that someone can use to show off their significant other.

However, not every single WCW post will be about a significant other. Instead, if your friend is a woman and she has helped you out a lot with something, you can name her as you woman crush Wednesday.

Or, if you want to show some appreciation to your mother or sister, you can use this hashtag as well.  Another possibility is that you have just discovered a new celebrity that you really love.

Perhaps you have seen her acting in your favorite movie or TV show. In this case, you could also post a picture of her and state that she is your WCW.

In some cases, the full words can be typed out (such as #womancrushwednesday). However, in most cases people simply use #WCW.


  • Thank you so much to my girlfriend for helping me and supporting me while I was building my business! It means so much to me #WCW
  • Today’s WCW goes out to my sister Haley, who has been a positive force and guide for the past 25 years to me!
  • My best friend just got into the Peace Corps program of her dreams! Congratulations! #WCW
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