What is a Green Card?


A green card is a permanent residency card given to foreign nationals in the United States. It allows immigrants to live and work legally in the U.S.


This card is important for foreign nationals who want to naturalize and become a U.S. citizen. It is issued by the Citizenship and Immigration service and needs to be renewed every ten years. Along with working and living legally in the U.S. green card holders are also allowed to travel freely within the country and can help other family members get their green card by sponsoring them.


The application process can be long, it can take over six months to obtain a green card. Foreign nationals can apply for the green card while they are in the U.S. or outside of the U.S. at an American consulate. During the application process, the foreign national must also show that he/she is eligible for the green card. The U.S. has many different categories of people that are suitable for this card such as an individual with parents from the U.S. or a foreign national who intends to invest in the country and so on.


If you are considering applying for a green card, I highly recommend that you read the information provided on the official government website as the application process is complicated and it is important that you have all of the relevant information required for your own personal situation.  Each case is unique and people from different countries have specific guidelines they need to adhere to.

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