Conversation between Banker and Customer who wants to Apply for a Credit Card + Credit Card Vocabulary


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Want to apply for a Credit Card, but don’t know what to say or expect when talking with the person at the bank? Here is an example dialogue to prepare you. There’s a useful vocabulary bank at the end too.

A trip to the bank to apply for a credit card.
The underlined words can be found in the vocabulary guide at the end. 

Bank Clerk: Hi and Welcome to the English Bank. What can I do for you today?
You: Hi. I would like to apply for a credit card, please.

Bank Clerk: Sure thing. Do you have any accounts with us at the moment?
You: No I don’t.

Bank Clerk: No problem. I can help you to apply for a credit card today if you like.
You: Ok, thank you. I’d like that.

Bank Clerk: Ok. I will need you to please fill out an application form. Do you know which of our credit cards you would like to apply for?
You: Not yet. Could you please give me more information about the cards available?

Bank Clerk: Yes, of course. Here is a brochure about our most popular cards.
You: Thank you.

Bank Clerk: I’m happy to help you pick the right card for you. Could I ask you a few questions to better understand what you’re looking for?
You: Yes please, that would be helpful.

Bank Clerk: Ok, great. Firstly, what credit limit would you like to apply for?
You: I would like a $5,000 spending limit.

Bank Clerk: Ok. We have three cards available with a $5,000 spending limit. Are you looking for reward program with your card?
You: Yes, I would like to collect points whenever I use the card.

Bank Clerk: Wonderful. Well, we have two cards which best suit your needs. One is our Platinum flyer card, the other is our Gold shopper card.
You: What’s the difference between the two?

Bank Clerk: The Platinum flyer card has a higher interest rate of 19% per annum. But there is no annual fee and you receive two frequent flyer miles with Emirates airline for every dollar you spend. Plus, there is a promotional offer for 0% interest for the first 12 months on balance transfers.
You: I don’t like to fly that much. Can you tell me about the Gold shopper card?

Bank Clerk: The Gold Shopper card has a lower interest rate of 14% per annum and has an interest freeperiod of 35 days on any purchases made. This card gives you 1 reward point in our rewards program for every dollar you spend. But, there is a $50 annual fee.
You: I don’t mind paying the annual fee. What can I do with the reward points?

Bank Clerk: You can redeem the points at any petrol station in the country. You get a free liter of petrol for every 100 points.
You: I’d like to apply for the Gold Shopper card, please.

Bank Clerk: Ok. Here’s the application form. Please fill in your personal details, occupation, job position, gross annual income and how many years you have been in your current position. Do you have identification with you?
You: Yes, I have my driver’s license with me.

Bank Clerk: The bank will do a credit check and access your credit report to see if you are eligible for the card. Could you please tick the box stating that you know and accept this? Thank you.
You: Ok. I’m finished. Here’s the form and here’s my driver’s license.

Bank Clerk: Thank you. I will make photocopies of your ID and be right back.
You: Ok.

Bank Clerk: All done. You should hear from someone within the next 48 hours to let you know whether you have been approved.
You: Great. Thank you.

Bank Clerk: Thank you. Is there anything else I can do for you today?
You: No thank you. That’s all.

Bank Clerk: Ok. Thank you, have a good day.
You: You too.

Vocabulary Guide – Applying for a Credit Card


  • How much do you make per annum?

Annual Fee:
The price you have to pay each year.

  • The annual fee for a basic World Gym membership is $20.

To formally ask for something.

  • I would like to apply for the position of chef in your restaurant.

Application form:
The paperwork used to fill in your details when applying for something.

  • They denied my request because I forgot to sign the application form.

Means you have been accepted. Yes.

  • Awesome, I have been approved for my car loan.

Balance Transfers:
To send debt on one credit card to another credit card.

  • There is a $5 fee for all balance transfers from other credit cards. 

A piece of paper or small book with information about a product or service.

  • Are the massage prices in the hotel’s brochure?

Bank Clerk:
A person who works behind a counter at the bank.

  • My sister got a job as a bank clerk at the local HSBC branch.

Credit limit:
The highest amount of money you can spend on your credit card.

  • I bought so many Christmas presents that I nearly reached my card’s credit limit.

Credit Check:
The process of looking at your credit and payment history with other companies to see if they can trust you.

  • Banks always do credit checks before lending anyone money these days.

Credit Report:
The summary of your credit history. It shows if you have paid bills or loans or credit cards on time in the past, how much you have borrowed, and if you can be trusted with money.

  • My bank recently helped my find a huge mistake on my credit report. It said I was bankrupt!

If you have the right criteria such as skills, experience, money, diplomas, in order to have or do something.

  • To be eligible for this offer you must be 18 years or older.

Frequent Flyer Mile:
Rewards points used by airlines which can be redeemed for discounted, free, or upgraded air tickets on one of their planes.

  • My dad has collected enough Frequent Flyer Miles to travel around the world and back!

Gross Annual Income:
Your total yearly income before deducting taxes.

  • When I got a promotion they raised my gross annual income by 20%.

Identification (ID):
An official government document or card showing who you are. For example passport, driver’s license, birth certificate.

  • You have to show the bartender your identification if you want to buy a drink.

Interest Rate:
The amount of interest (percentage) charged or received for money used or saved

  • My saving’s account has an interest rate of 2.5% per annum. I can’t retire from that.

Interest-free period:
A length of time after you buy something that the bank does not charge you an interest for the money you used.

  • My sister is smart. She buys everything on her credit card for the points, but pays it all off before the end of the interest-free period.

Your job or career. Ie: School Teacher.

  • What’s your father’s occupation, Timmy?

A type of valuable metal. Used to show the level of something. Normally: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Gold is more valuable than Silver. Platinum is more valuable than Gold.

  • If I stay at the hotel two more times, they’ll make me a Platinum 

Promotional Offer:
A special price or extra benefit which is only available for a specific length of time.

  • The hairdresser is offering a promotional springtime offer, cut and dry for only $40.

To gain or get some benefit in exchange for something else. For example: Redeeming a coupon.

  • You can redeem your Woolworth’s receipts for discounted petrol at Shell stations.

Reward program:
A system where you can get some kind of benefit, reward or prize by taking specific actions. For example: getting a free coffee for sharing something on Facebook.

  • Would you like to join our reward program? You’ll get special discounts on products for joining.

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