What is Gerund Phrase?


What is a gerund phrase?

A gerund phrase is a grammatical constituent that is made up of a verb in the gerund form (-ing suffix), and different modifiers after it.

A gerund phrase acts like a noun in a sentence. They are subjects, subject complements, or objects in the sentence structure.

Even though the gerund phrase has a verb, specifically in the -ing form, it still acts as a noun.

What is Gerund Phrase?

Gerund Phrase Examples

  • Eating ice cream too quickly can cause brain freeze.
  • Washing the dishes is something I despise.
  • Running with scissors can cause serious injuries.
  • There has to be a different way than just hitting your head against a wall until it crumbles.
  • You’re going to break the machine if you keep jamming too much clothing into it.
  • She has to be certain that her jealousy is not getting the best of her.

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