What is hotel?


A hotel is a place that travelers and tourists can stay while they are visiting a particular place. They almost always stay in hotels for a bed to sleep in at night, but a hotel can also offer other benefits.


These benefits can include meals (especially breakfast, but some hotels have restaurants for lunch or dinner), a gym for working out, a pool or hot tub to relax in, and someone who will tidy and clean the room each day.

They are typically meant for short stays, up to about a week, but can be stayed in for longer periods of time if someone really wants to do so.


Hotels are typically higher class, which is a contrast to hostels or motels. Hostels often have several people staying in the same room in exchange for a cheaper price, and motels are have older or worse accommodations or service quality for prices in between those of hostels and hotels.

What is the difference between Hotel and Motel and Inn

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