When to use Soft – Hard – Smooth – Rough


Tell me the difference of soft and smooth and their opposite is hard and rough…

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Most of the time we use β€œsmooth” when we want to describe the texture of something. It describes the texture of a surface that is flat and consistent. It is the opposite to β€œrough”.

For example:

  • The carpenter sawed the table until it was completely smooth, there were no bumps to be seen.
  • Once they finally repaired the pot holes in the road, the road was smooth.
  • For the ice rink to be safe it needs to be smooth, if there are bumps and the ice is rough somebody might hurt fall and hurt themselves
  • The chef focused on coating the cake with chocolate icing, he made sure the icing was completely smooth.

If you think of it’s opposite.
If we had a rough table, there would be a lot of bumps and cracks, there wouldn’t be a consistent texture.
Or if we said rough skin, the skin might be dry with cuts or calluses, resulting in an uneven surface or a rough surface.

Soft is usually used to describe the hardness of the surface. If you think about the yellow part of an egg, when we boil it some people prefer the yellow part to be really hard whereas others prefer the yolk to be moist and soft.
Or think about pushing down on different mattresses in a shop, some may offer more resistance and be hard whereas others maybe easy to push down on and be soft.

Let’s have a look at some examples:

  • This bag is too soft, I need a bag with more structure to keep my cameras safe.
  • As they walked away from the sea, the sand became softer on the beach.
  • He decided to replace the hard and uncomfortable sofa with a soft one.
  • While melting chocolate for the cake, the chocolate became more and more soft.

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