Worked or Working?


Tomorrow they will have been working/worked for 24 hours ?  I normally have been working but in this sentence I am not sure enough ??

As far as I know ,normally “have been working”  but in this sentence Iam not sure ?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Aydin,

This is a great question. The difference between these two ways of saying something is the difference between the future perfect continuous tense and the future perfect tense. The one that is correct depends on what you mean. Notice that the future perfect continuous tense has “will have been —ing” while the future perfect simply has “will have —ed”.


Future perfect continuous: they will have been working

This implies that they will continue working, even after the 24 hours is over.


Future perfect: they will have worked

This implies that they will stop after they work 24 hours.

i know this yall this if so fun

It depends on the circumstances at the time. But you are correct in your assumption.

For example, if someone began working in the past and will continue to work then we would say, ” by tomorrow, they will have been working for 24 hours.”  We use  “work+ing” for the past continuous.

If the work will be finished by the next day, then we would say, “by tomorrow they would have worked for 24 hours.”

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