Lack of Drive Meaning


Lack of Drive Meaning

The word lack can be used as a noun or a verb. As a noun means there is not enough of something or that something does not exist. As a verb, we would use to express that someone or something doesn’t have a certain quality or that they do not have enough of a certain quality.

The word drive when used in the context of lack of drive, the word drive is used to describe urge, biological or psychological, to attain a goal.  It is often used to refer to a person’s determination to achieve something. 

Meaning of Lack of drive:

When someone says that a person has a lack of drive this could refer to someone who doesn’t have enough biological will to do something they want to be doing or should be doing. Often times it is sued with to express some who does not have a strong sex drive. 

It is also used to suggest someone does not have enough motivation to achieve things, they have a sense of apathy towards life and their everyday activities.

  • His lack of drive has had a negative effect on his chances for a promotion.
  • I wish I had more motivation, I lack the drive to lose weight.


Ron: Hey Cindy, you don’t look so good.

Cindy: Hey Ron. Yeah, I am not sure what it is I have had such a lack of drive to do anything lately.

Ron: Really? Do you think this lack of drive is because of something physically?

Cindy: Hmmm. I am not sure, I don’t think so. I think it is more in my mind and I am not happy. I have really lack of motivation and lack of career drive.

Ron: Maybe you need a change?

Cindy: Yeah, I hate having this lack of drive. I have always had a strong drive and motivation.

Related Phrases & Phrasal Verbs

Lack of enthusiasm – this is a phrase similar to lack of drive, and is often used in conjunction.

  • He really has a lack of drive and enthusiasm for his studies.

Get up and go – in the context of lack of drive, in its form, get-up-and go it means the opposite of lack of drive. We can say lack of get up and go, which has a similar meaning to lack of drive.

  • She really has a lock of drive, she needs to develop some get up and go or she will need to find another job.

What it takes – in the context of lack of drive the term what is takes has an opposite meaning. It means to do whatever is necessary to be successful.

  • He needs to do what it takes to be the next manager, he has had a real lack of drive in the past and that might cause him some problems in the future.

Pick-me-up – this is a term we use to describe something that makes someone feel better and gives someone physical and/or mental energy.

  • I need a pick-me-up I have a real lack of drive today.

Related idioms:

Fire in the belly – the phrase fire in the belly is used to say that someone has strong motivation and energy to do something or things. It refers to a physical feeling of excitement in the abdomen. If we want to use it as a synonym to lack of drive we would say it in the negative.

  • He has a lack of drive and no fire in the belly, we need to find people who have a fire in their belly and some get up and go!

Shot in the arm – we use this phrase to express doing something that improves a person’s spirits and mindset. 

  • He hasn’t even respond to the shot in the arm we gave him, that student really has a lack of drive.

Kick in the ass – this phrase has a couple of meanings. It can mean a humiliating set back and it can mean a cause of motivation and enjoyment. 

  • That kick in the ass I go really helped my lack of drive and motivation. Thanks!

Synonyms (other ways to say):

Lack of desire

Lack of Motivation

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