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Our Students Are Saying About Us

I started learning English from the computer with Google Translate! But it was not clear at all.

So I searched Google for an English Teacher that uses Skype and found

I was worried that I would not understand anything at all. Luckily my teacher, Jenny, was very patient and explained things slowly to me.

Jenny was very clear and helped me progress fast. The learning material which she sent was very good and we used it in all of our lessons.

Also, the daily homework was important, which I completed regularly and my teacher corrected. My teacher was always clear with her explanations, and everything was very easy to remember, which is important for me as a Chinese. She is also nice person, so learning is fun.

I really like the way Jenny teaches me the correct use of English. She is very open and relaxed, and we can talk about anything as women usually do!

I think the benefits of learning at are:

  • it’s easy to set-up and get going,
  • the Skype technology works from anywhere in the world,
  • the teachers have long track records of teaching and are familiar with all the Cambridge English exams.
  • one feels safe and in good hands.

I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to progress fast. In my case, I started in March 2014 with Jenny and she prepared me for the KET Cambridge exam, which I successfully passed in July. Now, she is helping me towards the PET exam due this coming November. Next year, onwards to FCE!

Erick Mayen

I’m Erick, I am from Guatemala, but I’ve been living in California for a couple of years.

Before studying with I went to school, took a couple of courses and bought textbooks, but it didn’t work for me.

Taking offline classes in a room with lots of people didn’t work for me. I never felt comfortable not having close communication with my teachers. Being in a room with lots of students makes things impersonal; those classes are about doing homework and following a program, and if you are not able to maintain the level, then you fail.

I had a bad experience where some teachers made me feel like I was responsible for not learning, while I was hoping to learn from them what my strengths and weaknesses were, in order to see which method of learning would work best for me. That did not happen.

The thing with textbooks is that, while you learn grammar rules and expressions, in my opinion, it is impossible to make any progress, because you are not having real conversations or listening to different accents.

In my case, I felt like I understood the English language, but I didn’t know how to use it outside of the classroom, interacting with other people.

The idea of physically going to a school and learning at any cost, is not for me. I like to have friendly and inspirational one-to-one lessons.

When I think about teaching and learning, I prefer the idea of mentors tutoring, like in the old times. Having more of a close approach with your teacher, when the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and you feel comfortable to talk, even make mistakes and ask questions. This results in the feeling of wanting to praise your teacher, and show them how much you have learned because of her/him.

I was disappointed with having lessons in a classroom and reading boring textbooks, so I was determined to find a personal teacher. This is how I found MyEnglishTeacher.eue, through searching the web. I liked the prices, and I got that ‘good feeling’. I thought “Yes. This is the place I want to be a part of”. To be honest I feel grateful to have found the website really.  

I didn’t have any concerns about buying English lessons from I’m very pleased with the result.

Having a personal teacher is the best way of learning, especially a new language.

Also, you learn and share lots of differences between your culture and the culture of your teacher. For me, it is a fantastic personal experience, in which I have learnt lots of things, not only a new language!!

I have had 90 lessons already and I’m extremely pleased with my teacher, Sevi.

With her, I like the fact that we discuss if something is working or not, and we try to find what could work better for me. We study in a fun way. I enjoy the connection and the friendly atmosphere. I don’t feel under any pressure to learn something by a deadline; I learn at my own pace, and she encourages me all the time.

Here, you really get the feedback you need to improve, it is like a first-hand experience. Wonderful.

My teacher is great, but I’m pretty sure that all the teachers here are great and very friendly. They learn with you about what is the best way of learning for you. Because not all people learn the same way, every person achieves things in different ways. And for that you need someone working with you, so you can give it your best shot.

Yes, absolutely! I would definitely recommend’s English courses.

Finding a personal teacher is the best thing you can do for yourself, if you are willing to pay to learn a new language.

I like the prices and let’s be honest, you are not buying the best smartphone in the market that will be a thing of the past in the next six months, you are learning a new language; can you imagine! A new language! How great is that? It is like being part of a new culture, you could share more and learn more with people from different countries. It is priceless, and it stays with you forever.

From my personal experience with, I believe that when you’ve studied with your teacher and improved your understanding, you feel part of a new culture just by knowing that you’ve learnt a new language; you feel like you haven’t paid enough to your teacher, really.

When you learn a new language, you have it with you for your entire life.

fatima falnaser

When I started learning with my level was intermediate. My English was good, but I wanted to improve it with a native teacher. So, I started searching for teachers on Google and YouTube, this is how I found

Knowing the English language opens many doors and offers better chances for one’s career. My main goal is to pass the IELTS exam and continue studying at the university in Saudi Arabia.

The most challenging part for me was English writing. is helping me to overcome it. Honestly, learning English with my english teacher, Jeremy, is an amazing experience. He is the best teacher from all the private teachers I have ever learned with.
Jez helped me to improve my grammar, writing and speaking. Before, I didn’t know what the difference between tenses was. He has been giving me homework that helps me to improve faster, with a lot of practice during lessons.

I feel like I’m improving at a good tempo and Jeremy is the best teacher I know. I would definitely recommend’s English courses to everybody who is ready to work on his/her English, spend a lot of time learning, and is happy to work together with the best English teachers, and’s friendly team.

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You will never find a school that cares as much
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World’s Friendliest Online English Language School, and we are proud of it!


Our lessons are 60 minutes long
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We provide you with the best materials that
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All for FREE!


Our teachers are native English speakers from USA, UK, Australia and Canada with CELTA certifications and degrees in teaching English as a Second Language.


We provide you with activity reports each
month and show you the progress. So, you
know exactly what your coworkers have done in their lessons
and where have they improved


Free English Level Test.
We listen to you!
With us YOU are the no.1!

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nadia ilyas

What people are saying about us

I feel my English has improved, I practice with my boss who speaks and writes good English. I am so grateful for your lessons.

I am really enjoying your lesson.your effort is really praiseworthy

Hello Anastasia! I’m a teacher from Greece and I really like your site, that’s why I subscribed to it. Congratulations on your wonderful work! Marianna

Hello Anastasia! I’m a teacher from Greece and I really like your site, that’s why I subscribed to it. Congratulations on your wonderful work! Marianna

Thank you for your mail and your offer to help me in so many fields! I’ve been an English teacher for over 30 years. My priority is not improving my English so much, but finding interesting ideas of teaching. Motivating my pupils is very important to me. And I have found a lot of such things among your ideas. I’d like to thank you very much for your effort and wish you all the best.

I am too much happy to you for your last emails. I am reading all these learning materials one by one. These well balanced materials have been contributing me motivation to my English learning. I will be waiting your next emails for ever. Thank you!

My words are not enough to thank you for your great simple advice, and lessons that helped me to improve and speak more clearly, my..god”!!!!! Even my friends were surprised…thank you so much.

I really appreciate your emails..I’ve been listening to some English tracks that you sent me, especially BBC…they are brilliant just as you..thanks a lot 4 your help..

What else can I tell  about your new lesson with UP… but only admire it a lot and thank you :))) I really appreciate such kind of presentation of phrasal verbs .

its my pleasure to tell u that ur workings are amazing. everyday i m learning something new. lucky u! i really feel myself in a better stage.

Thank you for making this website, it’s really useful.

I will be grateful for your lessons forever.

I would like to express my thanks and my respects. I bow to your intelligence and knowledge. You are really an amazing and helpful teacher.

Dear Brilliant Teacher Anastasia. Thanks a million for your fascinating lessons. You are really gorgeous. I appreciate your efforts and your dedication to your career by assisting students to improve their English.

I’m very glad to get your Lessons. I was probably like many of your students – good at tests but hopeless at speaking. I wish I had known your method earlier!

I ‘m really enjoying your useful tips and I find them so practical . Thanks a lot!

Thank you for so many great things on this page!

I am very thankful you are giving a wonderful learning opportunity, and also your way of learning style impressing all. I like to share my friends also… thank you once again!

I would like to thank you for helping me to speak English fluently. I checked a lot of websites regarding on line learning English but there is no respond from any of them. But you are active and helpful, good job

Dear Anastasia, I think after your recommendation, my English speaking is very improving. Many thanks!

I’m very glad for taking the course with you. I think it is very useful. I’m reading and looking for more information on the websites you recommended me. So I thank you and because you’ve helped me a lot. I hope to be in touch with you for any doubt I have. You are great and excellent teachers. Thank you very much.

Frequently asked questions

Where are the teachers from?
Our native teachers are from USA, UK, Canada and Australia.
Does the teacher have planned, exercises for the lessons or it is just a conversation?
All lessons are prepared for you by your teacher to help you improve and progress in your English quickly. You will talk a lot in your lessons, and at the same time you will be able to learn new vocabulary, phrases and grammar very quickly, with materials that have been tailored by your teacher, just for your group.
How can I select a teacher?
After you buy the first lesson, you will receive a form where you can choose what kind of teacher you would prefer to learn with. For example: Male or Female? British or American? Then you will meet your teacher.
I think your course price is expensive. What is special about your courses?
The Quality. Our students are proud to learn with us, because all of our lessons are high quality. You are able to learn with the world’s best English teachers, not robots. You will continuously receive reports and feedback about lesson activity and your progress. We believe, that with high-quality lessons you will be able to reach your goals much faster and easier, than by spending money on non-quality English lessons and studying for many years with minimal improvement.
How many lessons should I have per week?
We always suggest to have a minimum of 2 lessons per week, thus you won’t forget what you learnt. Of course, you can take a super intensive course to achieve your goal faster.
Become proficient in English! Get your trial lesson for $9!