9 Brilliant Websites to Learn and Practice Present Perfect


Present perfectThe other day, a language learner who had signed up for our newsletter, asked me where he could find useful information about the Present Perfect. I thought this might be interesting for you, too. So I decided to write a blog post about the matter.

There are hundreds of charts, explanations and worksheets so my task was simply to find the best stuff on the Internet for you to get the hang of the meaning and usage of the Present Perfect. However, if you are not to put up with simple exercises but you seek real practice, you should immediately check in a lesson with a VIP English Teacher.

There are three Perfect Simple Tenses: Present, Past and Future.

The Best Sites to Practice the Present Perfect.

1. English Club 

English Club is the site where you always get the answer to any of your questions about grammar. They don’t only explain the grammar point to you but they provide you with quizzes, exercises and games. Actually they won’t let you go until – in this case – the Present Perfect doesn’t become part of you. 🙂

2. About.com

When you are at ease with the topic, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. To do that, about.com has all the presetnt perfect exercises.

3. ISL Collective

In case you long for colourful exercises, you should download some worksheets from ISL Collective. Although, at first, you have to complete the registration form.

Best Sites to Practice the Past Perfect

4. eHow

Here you can find the simplest explanations for the Past Perfect along with examples and common mistakes which we, learners of English often make. Yes, EVEN ME.

5. Perfect English Grammar

Here you can practice till you drop. No one will see it. 🙂

6. English Quiz

You may also use this fabulous-looking site for practicing. I really like it when a site looks this good.

The Best Sites for Practicing the Future Perfect Tense

7. English Page

A great website for structuring your knowledge about all three Perfect Simple Tenses with lots of exercises.

8. Ginger Software

Here you can find great examples and an abundance of exercises.

9. English Hilfen

However weird it may sound, this German site is a great source of exercises for perfecting your handling of the Future Perfect. 🙂 That’s it!

If you find these websites useful, click Like! If you think I’ve forgotten something, just feel free to leave a comment. Should it happen that you are in need of a –> Native Online English Teacher <–, click between the arrows.

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