Affect vs Effect: Quick Explanation with 21 Amazing Examples


Affect vs effect -

The difference between affect and effect! 


is a verb meaning the following:

1. Produce a change in somebody/something, to have an influence on somebody/something:

  • How will the government changes affect the life of the country?
  • I don’t think your opinion will affect my decision.
  • The south of the country was severely affected by the drought.
  • How much do you think television affects children’s behaviour?

2. Attack or infect somebody or a part of the body as a disease, make somebody ill:

  • The epidemic affected as many as forty per cent of the population.
  • Rheumatic inflammation can affect the heart.
  • Rub the cream into the affected areas three times a day.

3. Cause strong feelings of sadness, pity, despair, etc. in somebody:

  • All the family were deeply affected by grandfather’s death.
  • Don’t let your friends’ problems affect you too much.

4. Pretend to be feeling or thinking something, behave in a pretended way:

  • She affected sympathy for the victim although she was cheerful inside.
  • He often affects the natives’ accent.



is usually a noun meaning the following:

1. A change that somebody/something causes in somebody/something else, a result or influence:

  • The medicine they gave her had an immediate effect on the pain.
  • The warning had no effect on the students’ behaviour.
  • The effect of the blizzard was terrible.

2. A particular look, sound or impression that somebody creates:

  • The overall effect of this sculpture is overwhelming.
  • The tricky lighting gave the effect of a moonlit scene.
  • Large windows give an effect of spaciousness.
  • Add some more make-up for a better effect.

3. Personal possessions, belongings (used in the plural):

  • Our travel insurance covers all baggage and personal effects.



is also used as a verb, although not very often:

1. Achieve, produce:

  • Both parties hope to end the disagreement and effect a reconciliation.

2. Cause, bring about, make something happen:

  • He tried to effect his escape with blackmailing the guards.

Affected vs Effected (Have in impact on something & execute)

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