Agreement meaning


Agreement (noun)

This is the main premise of any contract. There has to be an agreement between people for a contract to exist. The contract is a documentation of an agreement.

When you sign the contract, the expression is that you are entering into an agreement with someone else. That way they have proof that you agree to the terms in the contract. It helps to set out clearly what each person expects so that there are no disputes later down the line.

Steve: I wanted to talk about our agreement, Ty.

Ty: Oh yeah? What about it?

Steve: Well, I don’t think it’s fair and I want to change it.

Ty: Sorry, Steve, I am happy with the agreement and it’s a contract so unless both parties agree, we can’t change it.

Steve: Come on, Ty.

Ty: I’m sorry, Steve, we have an agreement and you have to honour it.

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