Appendix definition


Appendix (noun)
related to contract

This is an extra page or set of pages at the end of a contract or book. It’s used to provide definition or clarity to anything that might need extra explanation. It’s usually very dull, but it can be very important to read just so that you know what you are getting yourself into!

Strangely enough, humans also have an appendix in their body which is often removed. This is an extra part of our body that we do not necessarily need and if it becomes enflamed doctors perform a routine operation to take it out of the body. It’s nothing to worry about! Doctors do this all the time!

Graham: Wow that’s a big document, Lee!
Lee: Yeah I know, it’s my contract.

Graham: Oh I see! Have you read it all?
Lee: I think so, it took a long time but I got through it!

Graham: Did you read everything? Even the appendix?
Lee: Ah no, I didn’t read the appendix, but who needs that part anyway?

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