Article definition


Article (noun)
related to contract

An article helps to set out a clear set of rules in a contract. This is similar to both clause and terms that will both be discussed below.

Articles can be extremely lengthy and details and are usually referred to by number and section when they are quoted. You may know that, for example, the United States Constitution is divided into seven articles. As in this case, articles are usually separated in terms of

As in this case, articles are usually separated in terms of topic to make sure all relevant information is kept together and organised effectively.

Articles can take a long time to read, but as with many terms in this text, it’s so important to know what they are saying and what they mean! If you don’t follow a contract, you can end up in big trouble.

Jerry: That contract looks really long, Tara!
Tara: Oh yeah, it is! There are twenty articles, it’s a tiring read. I’m glad I have my lawyer to help me.

Jerry: Do you know any of the articles off by heart?
Tara: No way! I’ve only seen them briefly!

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