Condition definition


Condition (noun)
related to contract

A condition in the contract shows that something must happen in order for something else to happen.

For example, the main condition of many contracts is that an employee does work for someone and then they are paid for their work at the rate agreed in the contract. They may also be other conditions that they need to fulfill in order to be paid such as wearing a uniform or arriving to work on time. It depends on the contract and it’s always worth reading every condition to make sure you understand exactly what you need to do.

A contract is effectively a set of conditions, the point of the contract is to put them into writing so that everyone involved knows what needs to be done. It also provides a reference so that you can check if you are being treated fairly.

Freya: Okay, I will accept this contract on one condition.

Jordan: What’s that?

Freya: That I get paid weekly and not monthly.

Jordan: Freya, you have read the terms and conditions of the contract. we can’t change them now.

Freya: That’s my one condition, I’m sorry. If you want me to sign this contract you need to accept this condition.

Jordan: Fine, we will add that condition into the contract.

Freya: Perfect!

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