Bear In Mind or Bare In Mind?


Anyone who speaks English or who are learning English often make mistakes when writing words that sound the same but have different spelling. Words of this nature are called homophones.

Bear and bare is one such example.

Before we look at which word we should use with the phrase, bear/bare in mind, let’s examine their meaning.


Bear – spelled like this, it is both a noun and verb.

Noun:  bear is a large animal that lives in the woods or forests of many countries around the world. They are wild animals with long claws that are very strong.

  • Be careful, I know bears live in this forest.
  • We saw bears at the zoo.

Verb: to carry or support something.

  • Can the car bear the weight of all this luggage?
  • I can’t bear to watch this movie. (Figurative use.)


Bare – spelled in this form, it is an adjective and verb. In British English, it is also used as a determiner and adverb.

Adjective: 1. To be without clothing, naked. 2. Simple and uncomplicated.

  • She removed her scarf to show her bare head.
  • The motor was bare having very few wires and tubes.

Verb: To reveal or expose something.

  • They bared their clothes to show off their new swimsuits underneath.
  • They bared all in a new documentary series called The Dark Side of the Internet. (Figurative use.)

Bear In Mind or Bare In Mind?

Based on the definitions above, what would you answer? Is it bare in mind or bear in mind?

If you answered, BEAR in mind, you are correct.

The phrase gives the figurative idea of literally having something on your mind, like carrying or supporting it. It is, therefore, using the figurative verb tense.

Can you think of a sentence where you could use this phrase bear in mind? If so, please write it below! Bear in mind our other articles on the website, why not take a peek at them?

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michele choina

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