Is it Bare with Me or Bear with Me? [Answer]


Bare and Bear are homophones – words that sound the same but have different meanings.

Bare with Me or Bear with Me?

✅ Bear with me is correct

‘Be patient with me’ or ‘wait a moment’. (Polite)

  • Bear with me while I find your file.
  • If you could just bear with me one second, I’ll go and call her.

bear with me

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Bear In Mind or Bare In Mind?

More idioms with Bear

Bear down on

Move towards someone or something very fast in a threatening way

  • Police were bearing down on the thieves as they neared the port.
  • Storm was bearing down on the East of the country over the weekend.
  • Attacker was bearing down on the defender, ready to take his shot.


  • Close in on
  • Move in on
  • Approach

Bear a resemblance to

Look similar to (someone or something)

  • Your daughter bears a resemblance to you.
  • That tree bears a strong resemblance to the one that’s in my garden.

Bear Meaning

Bear as a verb means

  • to carry
  • to support the weight of

Bear as a noun means

  • a large furry animal

Bear meaning as a Noun

A large, carnivorous, furry mammal with a short tail and rounded ears.

  • Panda bears live in China and eat bamboo. 
  • Black bears are the most common type of bear in North America. 
  • Brown bears live in Canada and catch salmon as they swim up the river. 
  • Did you know that polar bears have black skin, even though their fur is white?
  • Spectacled bears live in the Andes and are the only surviving species of bear in South America. 

Bear meaning as a Verb

Past tense: bore / born

1. To carry (formal)

  • He was bearing his suitcase when she saw him rushing through the station.
  • She walked towards him bearing a tray stacked with plates.
  • He bore a doctor’s note that meant he would be able to go straight home.
Bear Synonyms
  • Carry
  • Hold

2. To support the weight of

  • She bore the whole weight of the family’s money problems.
  • I can’t bear it anymore! It’s all too much!
Bear Synonyms
  • Endure
  • Take (She couldn’t take the tension anymore)

3. To give birth (formal and old fashioned)

  • She bore four children in the space of six years.
  • She’d already born eight children when she decided that was enough.

Bare Meaning as an adjective and as a verb

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