7 Best Wireless Earbuds in 2020 & What it Means!


Sony WF-1000XM3 $228 AT AMAZON

Amazon Echo Buds $130

Jaybird Vista $160 AT AMAZON

Jabra Elite 65t $136 AT AMAZON

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air $60 AT AMAZON

Earfun Free $50

Alternatives synonyms, accolades synonyms, effective synonyms, reduce synonyms, similar synonyms, lightweight synonyms

Earbuds definition: a small device that sticks in your ears. You can use them for phone calls or for listening to music, for watching TV or Netflix. They reduce the outside noise and make sounds you want to here available for you once you put them in your ears.

Alternatives definition: different choices or products you can choose. Different opportunities. Other earbuds. Other replacements.

Noise-canceling meaning: earbuds or headphones that shut the background noise. They don’t allow you to hear the street noise. Instead, you can listen to music.

Accolades definition: an award or an honor you get.

Effective definition:  successful or productive.

Reduce definition: lower the outside noise. Decrease the amount. Turn down the music.

Charging case: a box where you put your earbuds. This box is also a charger that charges your wireless earbuds.

‘Closest match to’ meaning: very similar to something else. Almost identical. Almost the same.

Sweat- or Water-resistant meaning: a device that is able to work even if you put it into the water, or if you sweat like crazy while doing sports.

Lightweight definition: super light, super airy. Something that isn’t heavy.

Comfortable definition: something that is pleasant to use. You don’t need to stress about using it. It fits perfectly.

Lookalikes definition: something or somebody who looks exactly like a person or product you know. In this case, Airpods Pro lookalikes are Anker Souncore. Because Anker looks exactly like Airpods Pro. Super similar in look, outfit or in design.

In-ear Seal: the plastic that sticks into your ears. This seal prevents you from hearing the background noise as well.

Resemble definition: look similar. The same meaning as lookalikes. Look exactly the same.

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