Phrases with the word Boss!


Have you heard people use the word boss when they speak? Do you wonder when you should use it?

The word boss is about the person who employs you or is your supervisor.

Typically, we would not use the word boss with that individual themselves unless our working relationship was quite casual. If so, in response to a petition from their employer or supervisor, you will hear people saying, yes boss! No boss! Sure thing boss!

However, most of the following phrases use the word in the third person context, that is, speaking about the boss, but not with the boss.

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  • My Boss is very easygoing; he doesn’t mind us arriving a little late to work.
  • Our boss is very demanding.
  • What is your boss like?
  • Whose boss is he?
  • My boss made us work overtime last week.
  • Our boss got sacked because he was not meeting the performance criteria of the company.
  • What time does your boss like you to arrive at work?
  • Hey boss, can I take an early lunch break?
  • The boss told him to pack his things and leave the office.
  • The boss told us to stop working.
  • Which boss do you like the most?
  • Can you tell me where the boss is?
  • Who is your boss?
  • Why didn’t you do as the boss asked?
  • Is the boss in his office?
  • The boss will tell you what needs to be done.
  • Let me get the boss for you.

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In some countries or cultures, you may evenhear a husband or boyfriend sarcastically refer to his wife or girlfriend as his boss.

For example, they might say, I want to go to the football match tonight, but I have to check with the boss. It is not generally that common and can be offensive, so be careful before calling your partner or spouse boss!

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