CALL OFF meaning (phrasal verb)


Call off:
to cancel something,
to decide to stop something that is already happening

15 Phrasal Verbs with CALL: call up, call out, call around โ€ฆ

Call after โ€“ To give a child the same name as someone else, especially a family member. Call up โ€“ To phone somebody. Call on โ€“ To visit someone. Call off โ€“ To cancel an organised event.

Difference Between OF and OFF! โ€“

Difference between OF and OFF OF (preposition) 1.Belong to or relate to someone or something He has a fear of spiders. Jessica is a good friend of Melinda. In college, we studied the works of Emmanuel Kant. 2.Show an amount We need two pounds of apples. There are a lot of students outside.

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