Can Tutor be a verb? Can Tutor be pluralized?


Can tutor be a verb?

Tutor can be a verb but it requires โ€œtoโ€ in the necessary tense in front of it. Just the word tutor is always a noun. To tutor means to teach outside of school, being a tutor, and itโ€™s the verb form.


  • After school Iโ€™ll try to earn some extra money. I think I might try to tutor math.

Can tutor be pluralized?

Tutor as a noun has a clear plural form โ€“ tutors. Itโ€™s the simplest way to pluralize the word tutor, and tutors simply means more than one tutor. To tutor as a verb cannot be pluralized.


  • Jimmy has multiple tutors after school so he can prepare for college entrance exams.

What is the difference between Tutor & Tutee & Lecturer & Instructor?

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