What is the difference between Tutor & Tutee & Lecturer & Instructor?


Tutor meaning

A tutor is a private teacher who works outside of school. Tutors are specialists in various topics, and are paid to give extra lessons to students. Tutors don’t work in schools, and are not government employees.

Tutor synonym

Tutor is a word that has partial synonyms, because other words don’t describe in detail what it means to be a tutor. The three synonyms are

  • teacher
  • instructor
  • educator

However, non of these words mean literally private teacher, which only tutor does.

Tutor and Tutee

A tutor is a person who teaches, and the tutee is the person being taught. The tutor is like a private teacher, a person who teaches outside of school. A tutee is that tutor’s student.

Tutor or Lecturer

While a tutor and lecturer both teach, they are two completely different positions. A tutor can teach anything outside of school. Tutors can have very specific skill sets that they teach to their students. Tutors are often teachers in one subject, or two. They work privately for single or small groups of students.

A lecturer works at a college, and teaches a specific subject at a very advanced level. Lecturers have no contact, and don’t teach, anyone who’s not in college. While lecturers also teach one subject mostly, they have to be college educated and know a lot of different subjects.

Tutor or Tutour

While it’s common for British spelling to have a U letter after an O, like in “colour,” tutor is not such a case. The only correct way to spell it is tutor.

Tutor or Tudor

Tutor is a private teacher, and Tudor is the family name of a famous noble family from England. They lived in England from 1485 to 1603. They also ruled over England and their most famous king was Henry VIII. He is famous for being the first king to get a divorce, and later became crazy. The Tudors is a TV show about that family, and king Henry VIII.

Tutor or Instructor

Tutor and instructor are very close synonyms. There are only a few cases where they can have a different meaning.

A tutor is always a teacher, and they teach subjects. An instructor can do the same thing. So, in some cases you can have either a tutor or instructor in math, chemistry, geography, English, etc. However, a tutor cannot teach a skill.

Instructors are people who also teach skills. You can have a driving instructor, a fitness instructor, but not a driving or fitness tutor.

Tutor or Tuitor

Tutor is the only correct way to spell it. Tuitor is not an English word.

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4 months ago

Very good explanation. Thank you for this.