Catch Phrases List: Catch Up, Catch Me, Catch fire,…


Are you finding it difficult to understand people when they use the word catch in a sentence?

The word catch is unique in the way that it can be used. It is often heard in sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Cricket and other games where a ball may be thrown and caught (the past and past participle of catch).

The use of this word in phrasal verbs, however, can change its meaning dramatically, take a look.

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Phrasal Verbs – Catch

Catch up

To become aware of things that have happened recently.

  • I was able to catch up on what has occurred during the past few weeks by reading the newspaper.

To see and speak with someone again after a long time.

  • I was able to catch up with Joan over the weekend.
  • Let’s try to catch up over the weekend.

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Catch me

To capture a criminal or to tag someone in a game.

  • The police will have to catch me before I go to prison.
  • Let’s see who can catch me in a game of hide and seek.

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Catch fire

This phrasal verb is used to describe the serious action of something that begins to burn, either by accident or intentionally.

  • Be careful, don’t put the heater too close to the clothes, we don’t want them to catch fire.
  • It will take some time for the wet wood to catch fire.

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Catch it

Usually used in sport, the action of trapping a ball in one or both hands.

  • Make sure you catch it, when I throw the ball to you.

Also commonly used when speaking about spreading a cold.

  • Don’t come to close to me, I have a cold and don’t want you to catch it.

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Catch on

Used to describe when someone suddenly understands something they hadn’t earlier.

  • It took Kate a while to catch on to what had happened to her keys.

Learn these phrasal verbs well, and practice them with friends. Using phrasal verbs when you speak is the best way of sounding more like a native English speaker.

Can you think of another phrasal verb with the word catch? Let us know with a comment below. Remember to check out our other articles on the website too!

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