What is Clause? Clause Definition


Clause (noun)
related to contract

This is similar to the terms of a contract that will be discussed below.

A clause in a contract is just a section of a contract that states various details that must be followed at all times. There are many different types of clauses and it’s very important to know exactly what each clause is capable of doing.

These clauses are designed to set out clearly and concisely exactly what is expected of all parties involved in the contract. Of course, sometimes this is not the case and you can get caught up in all sorts of language and manipulative writing techniques that you don’t understand. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into!

Poppy: Hey, Manny did you read the contract yet?

Manny: I haven’t finished it, but I have gotten to clause 25 and I’m not sure I really understand that.

Poppy: Ah yes, that clause just says that if you breach the contract you will be required to buy a new car for the company.

Manny: Wow! Okay, I won’t breach that clause!

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