Force majeure definition


As you might expect, this is taken from French language and it translates into English directly as “superior force”.

In a contract, if something is seen as force majeure, it overrides anything that is written as a condition in that clause.

Watch out for these because regardless of anything else you read in the contract, this will be the one that makes the difference if it should happen. It also might provide you with useful information on how to beat or get out of an agreement quickly and effectively!

Ben: But I am protected by this contract, Charlie, that was the deal!

Charlie: I’m sorry, but you should have read it properly.

Ben: No you should have written it properly! What on earth is force majeure?

Charlie: Force majeure overrides everything I’m afraid. Your house is not protected against acts of God. That includes an earthquake, you need special insurance for that.

Ben: Great, just great.

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