11 Most Common Collocations with Agreement



Is a feeling, opinion, or discussion that results in two entities agreeing with each other. It can also be a written document that states what two entities have agreed to.

There are many collocations that have the word agreement in them. These are some of the most popular.

1. Agreement between

Refers to two or more  people or organizations coming to a consensus (agreeing to terms) about something.

  • There has been an agreement between the two teams to play on Saturday.
  • We are hoping that there will be an agreement between the two companies by the end of the meeting.

2. Reach Agreement

Refers to the  desire for two or more people or organizations to agree to something. This can also be said in the past tense which means that an agreement has already happened.

  • I would like to reach an agreement with you.
  • Let’s reach an agreement.
  • Last night we reached an agreement.

3. General Agreement

Means that two more more entities agree to a certain extent. They may not agree on everything or on anything specific, but there is a general, basic agreement.

It can also mean that two or more entities agree that they will try to move forward and reach an agreement. In this case what they are really agreeing to is to keep talking.

  • The two companies have come to a general agreement that they will merge. They plan to work out the details later.
  • We believe that a general agreement can be reached, so we will talk again next month.

4. Agreement was signed

Refers to two or more entities agreeing to something, putting it in writing, and signing it. In this case it would be an executed contract. If you ask,“was the agreement signed?” then you are asking if the aforementioned things have happened.

  • Finally, this afternoon the agreement was signed to build the new school.

5. Under the agreement 

Refers to the terms that are written or the terms that were stated in an agreement.

  • What does it say under the agreement in reference to phase two?
  • You can find the detailed instructions on how to move forward under the agreement.

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6. Sales Agreement

Is an agreement to buy and sell something. A sales agreement is almost always in writing, but in theory it could be verbal. It includes things like; what is being sold,  how much is being sold, the price, delivery info, and other details.

  • Once you sign the sales agreement the products will shipped within 48 hours.

7. Agreement should

Refers to something that the agreement should do, or something that it is expected to do. This could refer to what one believes should be written in the agreement, when the agreement should be ready, amongst other possibilities.

  • The agreement should say what will happen if either one of us wants to terminate it.
  • The agreement should be signed by both parties no later than 5pm on Friday.

8. Agreement Made

Refers to an agreement that has already happened. This collocation could speak to anything having to do with an agreement that has already been signed (if it was written) and (finalized if it was verbal).

  • The agreement made sure that everyone was paid fairly.
  • The agreement made last week made it very clear what should happen under those circumstances.

9. Reach an Agreement 

Refers to two or more entities agreeing on something. In the case of this collocation the two parties may still be trying to figure out the details or the agreement could already be finalized.

  • I hope that we can reach an agreement by the end of the year.
  • Since the two groups reached an agreement things have been much better.

10. Peace Agreement

Refers to two or more groups or usually countries who come to terms to stop fighting. This can be done to end a war or a military conflict. It can also be done between to street gangs or any other groups that are being hostile towards each other.

  • Those two countries have been trying to reach a peace agreement for decades.
  • The police and the mayor sat down with the two violent gangs and orchestrated a peace agreement.

11. Credit Agreement

Refers to an agreement between a lender and someone who wants to borrow money. This agreement contains all of the terms of the repayment of the loan.

  • Many people do not read a credit agreement before they sign it.

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