12 Most Common Collocations for Deep



Means to go away from the top towards the bottom of something. It can also mean for something to be intense.

  • We went diving deep into the ocean.
  • I felt a deep sensation in my toes. 

1. Deep breathe

Means to calm down. Many times when this is said, someone really is telling you to breathe deeply. It could be because you’re angry, worried, or sad, but it would be in response to some sort of heightened state of emotion.

It is also used to tell someone to slow down and take a moment before getting upset, making a decision, or moving forward on something.

  • Take a deep breathe, it’s going to be ok.
  • Let’s all take a deep breath and talk about this tomorrow.

2. Deep inside

Means that something goes very far into the interior of something. It can be something physical or something that is not tangible.

  • The miners went deep inside the cave.
  • The profiler went deep inside the inner-workings of a criminal’s mind.

3. Draw a Deep

Refers to taking something intense. It could be an intense breath, it could be an intense drink. It can be an intense anything. One can also think of it as drawing something that is full. For example draw a deep bucket  of water, would mean to get a full bucket of water.

  • Draw a deep breathe and settle your mind.

4. Deep sea

Means the bottom of the ocean, or near the bottom of the ocean.It doesn’t necessarily mean the ocean floor, it just means far beyond the surface. There’s not an exact number that would make something the deep ocean.

  • He would like to go deep sea diving.
  • The camera is able to take pictures of the deep sea.

5. So deep and very deep

Refers to something being really deep, or something being really intense, or to go far (or deep) into something or somewhere.

  • The water in the pool is so deep.
  • I felt like the therapist went so deep into the trauma that I experienced during my childhood.
  • I don’t want to go in if the water is very deep.
  • I don’t want to get very deep into this until after the meeting tomorrow.
  • Hopefully they didn’t go very deep into the woods.
  • It felt like the doctor stuck the needle in so deep.

6. Too deep

Means that something is more intense than what is comfortable, or that something has gone further away from the top than it should have.

  • We are too deep into this mess to be able to get out of it.
  • The submarine went too deep into the ocean and we can’t find it.
  • Don’t stick the paddle too deep into the water.

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7. Deep divisions

Means that there is an intense divide between two or more entities.

  • There were deep divisions within the company.

8. Deep depression

Refers to an intense sadness or an intense dent on an object.

  • The man went into a state of deep depression after hearing the bad news.
  • There was a deep depression in the ground after the explosion.

9. Deep thought

Refers to thinking in an intense way, or deeply pondering something.

  • I spent hours in deep thought.
  • I’m sorry, I was in deep thought, I didn’t hear you.

10. Deep trouble

Is usually used when speaking to a child, but it can be used when referring to an adult or a company.

It simply means that someone (or an organization) has done something wrong, and will most likely be punished for it. A punishment has not been given yet, it is just likely that one is coming.

  • After hitting his brother, the toddler was in deep trouble with his mother.
  • After the new discoveries the company was in deep trouble with the government.

11. In a deep sleep

Refers to someone being “sound asleep”, or sleeping to a point where it is difficult to wake them up, or perhaps they are are so asleep they miss an alarm, or don’t hear sounds that are happening around them.

  • I was in a deep sleep, I didn’t hear a word you said.
  • He was in a deep sleep and he slept through his alarm.

12. Deep voice

Refers to someone who has a low sounding voice. In operatic terms, a bass or a baritone would both be referred to as low voices. A man can have a deep voice, but so can a woman. Who has a low voice is based on someone’s opinion.

  • James Earl Jones has a famous deep voice.
  • She had a pretty deep voice for a woman.

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