Difference between the prepositions IN and ON!


difference between in and on

If my keys are IN my bag, you can’t see them. You have to open my bag first and look inside to see them.
If my bag is ON the table, you can see it- it’s on the surface. You look at the table and see my bag ON the top.


If my husband is IN the house, you can’t see him from outside. He is behind the walls. He may be IN the kitchen.
If he’s ON the roof, he’s fixing our satellite dish. You can see him from the street. You look up and there he is, ON the top.
Cats love sitting ON our roof. They never come IN the house.


When you’ve ironed your shirts, you put them IN the wardrobe. You close the doors and you can’t see the shirts anymore.
I have a box of old photographs that I like to keep ON the wardrobe. You can see this box when you enter my bedroom- it’s ON the top.
IN my wardrobe, there are my clothes. ON the wardrobe there is this box. And some dust.


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