26 What’s Up Synonyms

Other Ways To Say WHAT'S UP

What’s Up Synonyms

  1. Sup? (short slang version of what’s up)
  2. Howdy?
  3. How’s it going?
  4. What’s going on?
  5. Wagwan (Slang version of ‘What’s going on?’)
  6. What’s happening?
  7. What’s new?
  8. Anything new with you?
  9. What’s new with you?
  10. How are you?
  11. Any excitement recently?
  12. What are you up to? (Gets shortened to ‘What you up to? – slang)
  13. What you doing?
  14. Whatcha doin’?
  15. What’s cookin’?
  16. What’s shaking?
  17. What’s sizzlin’?
  18. What’s crackin’?
  19. What’s poppin’?
  20. What’s shakin’ bacon?
  21. How have you been? (Gets shortened to ‘How you been?’)
  22. How’s life treating you?
  23. Hey there!
  24. What’s up buttercup?
  25. What’s cookin’, good lookin’?
  26. Well hello there!

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