Fine print definition


Fine print

This is also sometimes known as “the small print”.

It is of paramount importance that you read the fine print! These are the words that are written in small letters right at the bottom of the page or in the margins. Now, have a quick think about it, why would people want to write something so small that others cannot read it?

The answer, because usually it is something that the person who is being offered the contract will not want to see! Basically, they are hoping that you do not read these words and that you will be fooled into signing a contact you don’t understand.

How many times on the internet have you had a pop-up when using a website or an app that shows you the terms and conditions? Okay, and how many times have you clicked accept without reading these terms and conditions?

I’m guessing that you have all done this before, I certainly have! Who has the time or the desire to read terms and conditions? The problem is that sometimes companies and other people can use these against you, so maybe next time you should take a little while to read that fine print.

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