For Instance Usage in a Sentence & Synonym


For Instance Usage

For instance is used when you want to draw attention to an example. We use it after a sentence where you explain something, and then you give the example in the next one. For instance is a conjunction, or sentence connector, so there are synonyms you can use instead. 

For Instance Synonyms

What is another way to say for instance?

Here are the most common ones, and an example for each:

  1. to illustrate – This new internet connection will be able to double your computing speed. To illustrate, you can run your data transfer at 1GB per second instead of the usual 50. 
  2. for example – By using interactive presentations you will be able to engage your students even more. For example, this presentation is about animals, so you can make animals move and react to what the students question. 
  3. case in point – Physics is both an exact science and someones also speculative. Case in point, the theory of relativity.

Here we can see that these synonyms are always used to draw attention to a point, conclusion, or example. We don’t use any of the synonyms, or for instance before we have made a statement that requires an example later. 

Can you start a sentence with for instance?

Yes, because for instance is a conjunction. It is always at the beginning of a sentence. That way you make sure that anyone who is listening or reading will immediately know you are giving an example for something. 

How do you write An Instance in a Sentence?

An instance is different from for instance. It’s a noun phrase and not a conjunction, so we don’t use it at the start of a sentence. An instance simply means a moment. 

We use an instance to describe a specific moment in order to draw attention to it.

Like this:

  • Be careful when you’re driving. I once saw an instance where a truck came out of nowhere, and the driver of the car wasn’t prepared.

So, instead of using a moment, you can use an instance. It’s more formal, and it draws attention to the specific moment. In a way an instance seems more important than just an average moment. 

What does the phrase for instance mean?

For instance is a conjunction. As such it serves to connect the previous sentence with the one where we use the conjunction. It is used to exemplify something, or make a point. 

Conjunctions don’t really have a literal meaning. You can’t just substitute the words for something else and explain what it really means. The closest thing would be “as an example.” 

Simply put, for instance is defined by the way we use it, and not only by what it literally means. 

Is there a comma after for instance?

Yes, we divide for instance from the rest of the sentence with a comma.

What is the instance in DBMS?

DBMS is an acronym for Database Management System. DBMS is a software package that defines, manipulates, retrieves and manages the data within a database. This data is stored depending on the changes, and it may happen often. 

An instance in DBMS is the data stored at a particular moment in time. Since it may be stored again later, moved or changed. It is possible to track specific data by looking at the instance when it was stored.  

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