Garden Vocabulary: Fence, Gate, Lawn, Lawnmower, Vegetable patch, Sprinklers, …

Garden Vocabulary

Garden Vocabulary

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Garden Vocabulary List:

1. Fence

  • This is a barrier that guards the perimeter of your home.

2. Gate

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  • You can get past a fence through an entrance called a _____.

3. Lawn

  • This is what you call a long stretch of grass, either in front of or behind your house.

4. Lawnmower

  • If the grass in your backyard is getting a bit long, you might want to pull out your _____.

5. Garden

  • Many people like to grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables in a _____ in their backyard.

6. Vegetable patch

  • This is a small garden where vegetables are grown.

7. Sprinklers

  • To water your grass regularly, you can install a system of _____.

8. Hose

  • Or you can water your grass and gardens by hand using a _____.

9. Shed

  • This is a small roofed structure that can be used to store items like lawn mowers, ladders, and bikes.

10. Garage

  • This is a slightly larger structure, often attached to the house, where you can park your car and store other items.

11. Driveway

  • If you don’t have a garage, you can park your car in this area.

12. Shovel

  • When it snows, you should use this to move it out of your sidewalks and driveway.

13. Snowblower

  • Or you can use this machine to blast the snow out of the way.

14. Rake

  • You should use a _____ to move leaves out of the way during autumn.

15. Swing

  • Sometimes, you can find this tied to a tree. Kids like to sit on it and rock themselves back and forth.

16. Treehouse

  • What do you call a small fort for kids built into a tree?

17. Patio

  • This is a paved area in the backyard next to the house where you can sit and relax.

18. Firepit

  • What do you call a fireplace located outdoors?

19. Hot tub / jacuzzi

  • Sometimes, you can relax in a small pool of warm water called a _____.

20. Gravel

  • What do you call the small, loose stones that often make up a walkway?
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